1997 NSW Preseason Northern Group Final Table

written by Greg Stock

Northern Group Final Table
Blacktown City Demons5410 11413
Central Coast5401 11412
Parramatta Eagles5221 1588
Bonnyrigg White Eagles5212 957
Sydney United5104 4143
Adamstown Rosebud5005 2170
Note : Adamstown Rosebud forfeited their Round 5 game to Sydney United due to the club announcing its withdrawal from the competition, and the cessation of it's existence. Adamstown were one of the oldest clubs in Australia.

1997 NSW Preseason Southern Group Final Table

Southern Group Final Table
Sutherland Sharks5311 9410
Macarthur Rams5221 1068
St George Saints5212 997
Leichhardt Tigers5131 566
Canterbury-Marrickville5203 7106
Bankstown City Lions5113 5104
Note : Macarthur Rams awarded points against Bankstown City who fielded an ineligible player.