Illawarra 2005
Conference League 2005
1st. Round
Berkeley 0 X 6  Fernhill 05-Mar-05
Bellambi 1 X 1  Kiama 05-Mar-05
Shellharbour City 3 X 3  Wests Illawarra 05-Mar-05
Helensburgh Thistle 1 X 4  Wollongong United Lions 05-Mar-05
Highlands United 0 X 4  Corrimal Rangers 05-Mar-05
Shellharbour Workers 4 X 2  Ruse 05-Mar-05
University of Wollongong 0 X 4  Woonona 05-Mar-05
2nd. Round
Berkeley 2 X 3  Ruse 12-Mar-05
Corrimal Rangers 0 X 9  Shellharbour Workers 12-Mar-05
Woonona 3 X 0  Highlands United 12-Mar-05
Wollongong United Lions 2 X 0 University of Wollongong 12-Mar-05
Wests Illawarra 2 X 0  Helensburgh Thistle 12-Mar-05
Kiama 4 X 1  Shellharbour City 12-Mar-05
Fernhill 4 X 1  Bellambi 12-Mar-05
3rd. Round
Bellambi 3 X 1  Berkeley 19-Mar-05
Corrimal Rangers 1 X 7  Ruse 19-Mar-05
Helensburgh Thistle 3 X 2  Kiama 19-Mar-05
Shellharbour City 3 X 1  Fernhill 19-Mar-05
Shellharbour Workers 2 X 0  Woonona 19-Mar-05
Highlands United 3 X 2  Wollongong United Lions 19-Mar-05
University of Wollongong 5 X 5  Wests Illawarra 19-Mar-05
4th. Round
Fernhill 4 X 1  Helensburgh Thistle 25-Mar-05
Berkeley 1 X 2  Corrimal Rangers 25-Mar-05
Wollongong United Lions 1 X 1  Shellharbour Workers 25-Mar-05
Wests Illawarra 1 X 0  Highlands United 25-Mar-05
Kiama 3 X 1 University of Wollongong 26-Mar-05
Woonona 2 X 2  Ruse 26-Mar-05
Bellambi 1 X 3  Shellharbour City 26-Mar-05
5th. Round
Highlands United 2 X 0  Kiama 02-Apr-05
Corrimal Rangers 2 X 2  Woonona 02-Apr-05
Ruse 3 X 5  Wollongong United Lions 02-Apr-05
Shellharbour Workers 4 X 1  Wests Illawarra 02-Apr-05
Shellharbour City 2 X 0  Berkeley 02-Apr-05
University of Wollongong 0 X 6  Fernhill 02-Apr-05
Helensburgh Thistle 1 X 0  Bellambi 02-Apr-05
6th. Round
Berkeley 1 X 4  Woonona 09-Apr-05
Wollongong United Lions 3 X 1  Corrimal Rangers 09-Apr-05
Shellharbour City 5 X 2  Helensburgh Thistle 09-Apr-05
Bellambi 2 X 1 University of Wollongong 09-Apr-05
Kiama 1 X 2  Shellharbour Workers 09-Apr-05
Wests Illawarra 4 X 4  Ruse 09-Apr-05
Fernhill 1 X 2  Highlands United 09-Apr-05
7th. Round
Ruse 1 X 1  Kiama 16-Apr-05
Shellharbour Workers 2 X 5  Fernhill 16-Apr-05
Highlands United 1 X 2  Bellambi 16-Apr-05
Helensburgh Thistle 4 X 2  Berkeley 16-Apr-05
Corrimal Rangers 3 X 2  Wests Illawarra 16-Apr-05
Woonona 1 X 0  Wollongong United Lions 16-Apr-05
University of Wollongong 1 X 2  Shellharbour City 16-Apr-05
8th. Round
Wests Illawarra 2 X 2  Woonona 23-Apr-05
Kiama 4 X 2  Corrimal Rangers 23-Apr-05
Berkeley 1 X 2  Wollongong United Lions 23-Apr-05
Shellharbour City 2 X 2  Highlands United 23-Apr-05
Helensburgh Thistle 3 X 2 University of Wollongong 23-Apr-05
Bellambi 4 X 1  Shellharbour Workers 23-Apr-05
Fernhill 2 X 1  Ruse 23-Apr-05
9th. Round
Ruse 0 X 3  Bellambi 30-Apr-05
Corrimal Rangers 1 X 1  Fernhill 30-Apr-05
Woonona 6 X 3  Kiama 30-Apr-05
Shellharbour Workers 3 X 1  Shellharbour City 30-Apr-05
Highlands United 1 X 0  Helensburgh Thistle 30-Apr-05
Wollongong United Lions 3 X 1  Wests Illawarra 30-Apr-05
University of Wollongong 4 X 1  Berkeley 30-Apr-05
10th. Round
Fernhill X  Woonona 07-May-05
Bellambi X  Corrimal Rangers 07-May-05
Berkeley X  Wests Illawarra 07-May-05
Kiama X  Wollongong United Lions 07-May-05
Helensburgh Thistle X  Shellharbour Workers 07-May-05
University of Wollongong X  Highlands United 07-May-05
Shellharbour City X  Ruse 07-May-05
11th. Round
Woonona X  Bellambi 14-May-05
Corrimal X  Shellharbour City 14-May-05
Wollongong United Lions X  Fernhill 14-May-05
Ruse X  Helensburgh Thistle 14-May-05
Wests Illawarra X  Kiama 14-May-05
Highlands United X  Berkeley 14-May-05
Shellharbour Workers X University of Wollongong 14-May-05
12th. Round
Bellambi X  Wollongong United Lions 21-May-05
Shellharbour City X  Woonona 21-May-05
Fernhill X  Wests Illawarra 21-May-05
University of Wollongong X  Ruse 21-May-05
Helensburgh Thistle X  Corrimal Rangers 21-May-05
Berkeley X  Kiama 21-May-05
Highlands United X  Shellharbour Workers 21-May-05
13th. Round
Wests Illawarra X  Bellambi 28-May-05
Corrimal Rangers X University of Wollongong 28-May-05
Wollongong United Lions X  Shellharbour City 28-May-05
Ruse X  Highlands United 28-May-05
Woonona X  Helensburgh Thistle 28-May-05
Kiama X  Fernhill 28-May-05
Shellharbour Workers X  Berkeley 28-May-05
14th. Round
Kiama X  Bellambi 04-Jun-05
Fernhill X  Berkeley 04-Jun-05
Wests Illawarra X  Shellharbour City 04-Jun-05
Wollongong United Lions X Helensburgh Thistle 04-Jun-05
Corrimal Rangers X  Highlands United 04-Jun-05
Ruse X  Shellharbour Workers 04-Jun-05
Woonona X University of Wollongong 04-Jun-05
15th. Round
Ruse X  Berkeley 18-Jun-05
Shellharbour Workers X  Corrimal Rangers 18-Jun-05
Highlands United X  Woonona 18-Jun-05
Shellharbour City X  Kiama 18-Jun-05
Bellambi X  Fernhill 18-Jun-05
Helensburgh Thistle X  Wests Illawarra 18-Jun-05
University of Wollongong X  Wollongong United Lions 18-Jun-05
16th. Round
Berkeley X  Bellambi 25-Jun-05
Ruse X  Corrimal Rangers 25-Jun-05
Kiama X  Helensburgh Thistle 25-Jun-05
Fernhill X  Shellharbour City 25-Jun-05
Woonona X  Shellharbour Workers 25-Jun-05
Wollongong United Lions X  Highlands United 25-Jun-05
Wests Illawarra X University of Wollongong 25-Jun-05
17th. Round
Helensburgh Thistle X  Fernhill 02-Jul-05
Corrimal Rangers X  Berkeley 02-Jul-05
Shellharbour City X  Bellambi 02-Jul-05
Ruse X  Woonona 02-Jul-05
Shellharbour Workers X  Wollongong United Lions 02-Jul-05
University of Wollongong X  Kiama 02-Jul-05
Highlands United X  Wests Illawarra 02-Jul-05
18th. Round
Berkeley X  Shellharbour City 09-Jul-05
Bellambi X  Helensburgh Thistle 09-Jul-05
Fernhill X University of Wollongong 09-Jul-05
Kiama X  Highlands United 09-Jul-05
Wests Illawarra X  Shellharbour Workers 09-Jul-05
Wollongong United Lions X  Ruse 09-Jul-05
Woonona X  Corrimal Rangers 09-Jul-05
19th. Round
Shellharbour Workers X  Kiama 16-Jul-05
Highlands United X  Fernhill 16-Jul-05
Helensburgh Thistle X  Shellharbour City 16-Jul-05
Ruse X  Wests Illawarra 16-Jul-05
Woonona X  Berkeley 16-Jul-05
University of Wollongong X  Bellambi 16-Jul-05
Corrimal Rangers X  Wollongong United Lions 16-Jul-05
20th. Round
Bellambi X  Highlands United 23-Jul-05
Wollongong United Lions X  Woonona 23-Jul-05
Berkeley X  Helensburgh Thistle 23-Jul-05
Kiama X  Ruse 23-Jul-05
Wests Illawarra X  Corrimal Rangers 23-Jul-05
Shellharbour City X University of Wollongong 23-Jul-05
Fernhill X  Shellharbour Workers 23-Jul-05
21st. Round
Woonona X  Wests Illawarra 30-Jul-05
Corrimal Rangers X  Kiama 30-Jul-05
Shellharbour Workers X  Bellambi 30-Jul-05
Ruse X  Fernhill 30-Jul-05
University of Wollongong X  Helensburgh Thistle 30-Jul-05
Wollongong United Lions X  Berkeley 30-Jul-05
Highlands United X  Shellharbour City 30-Jul-05
22nd. Round
Bellambi X  Ruse 06-Aug-05
Wests Illawarra X  Wollongong United Lions 06-Aug-05
Kiama X  Woonona 06-Aug-05
Helensburgh Thistle X  Highlands United 06-Aug-05
Fernhill X  Corrimal Rangers 06-Aug-05
Berkeley X University of Wollongong 06-Aug-05
Shellharbour City X  Shellharbour Workers 06-Aug-05
23rd. Round
Corrimal Rangers X  Bellambi 13-Aug-05
Wollongong United Lions X  Kiama 13-Aug-05
Wests Illawarra X  Berkeley 13-Aug-05
Ruse X  Shellharbour City 13-Aug-05
Highlands X University of Wollongong 13-Aug-05
Shellharbour Workers X  Helensburgh Thistle 13-Aug-05
Woonona X  Fernhill 13-Aug-05
24th. Round
Shellharbour City X  Corrimal Rangers 20-Aug-05
Fernhill X  Wollongong United Lions 20-Aug-05
Bellambi X  Woonona 20-Aug-05
Kiama X  Wests Illawarra 20-Aug-05
Helensburgh Thistle X  Ruse 20-Aug-05
Berkeley X  Highlands United 20-Aug-05
University of Wollongong X  Shellharbour Workers 20-Aug-05
25th. Round
Woonona X  Shellharbour City 27-Aug-05
Corrimal Rangers X  Helensburgh Thistle 27-Aug-05
Wests Illawarra X  Fernhill 27-Aug-05
Wollongong United Lions X  Bellambi 27-Aug-05
Shellharbour Workers X  Highland Utd 27-Aug-05
Kiama X  Berkeley 27-Aug-05
Ruse X University of Wollongong 27-Aug-05
26th. Round
Bellambi X  Wests Illawarra 03-Sep-05
University of Wollongong X  Corrimal Rangers 03-Sep-05
Berkeley X  Shellharbour Workers 03-Sep-05
Fernhill X  Kiama 03-Sep-05
Helensburgh Thistle X  Woonona 03-Sep-05
Highlands United X  Ruse 03-Sep-05
Shellharbour City X  Wollongong United Lions 03-Sep-05