Australia 3 - World Stars 2

The below are just some responses to various posts regarding the crowd: [Re: crowd noise] }} We could hear singing coming from somewhere on the other side (east)
}} but could not make out any words. Their was a small group in our tier
}} doing the Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy, Oi, Oi , Oi chant.

If you were at the end behind the goals where the Aussies were attacking the first half, they were just a couple of drunk, annoying Chileans sitting in front of me, and they didn't even do it right!

}} Everyone, please tell me how the night panned out. What is the ground
}} like? What was the atmosphere like? Were there any people cheering for
}} the All Stars?

To be honest, other than the goals and near misses, it was embarrassingly silent for the most part.

}} You got me there. Must say it's awfully quiet out there post-match.

Honestly, was there anything to celebrate? I am glad that Joe Bloggs can pick up the paper and blindly read that we beat the world's best the next day. However, at the end of the day we all know how professional players treat matches like these. It's no coincidence that scores like 5-3 and 7-4 result regularly.

}} An Iran game tragic (details later eh Chris?) told me that noise
}} doesn't carry as much here as at the MCG. I'll leave that for others to
}} comment. It was good to hear chants coming from distant sections.

As beautiful as the stadium is, I think they've emphasised the "stepless entry" a bit much and have the seating too far apart. The end that Zelic scored the ripper from seemed to be making more noise, but it didn't carry too well as pointed out.

[Re: attendance figure] }} Crowd : 88,101 (a little dissapointing eh?)
}} Yes. Not to mention an exaggeration.

I didn't think there was that much either, but I don't think there were over 30,000 empty seats either!

However, I got the impression that there may have been a smaller than expected crowd when I called Ticketek before the game. With the line being busy, the recorded messages came on. The first thing I hear is "If you're calling to cancel tickets for tonight's Socceroos v FIFA World Stars match, you are reminded that the tickets are non-refundable, and that any complaints should made in writing to LeftField at ...". Not very promising. And I was only calling to see what time the "entertainment" was starting! I guess people were wanting to cancel based on the lacklustre line-up? I honestly think something should be done by some group legally for the final line-up, but somehow you got the impression that not enough fans seemed to care about that.

I knew and had heard about so many people coming in from Melbourne, which also detracts from the attendance for Sydney. The weather was decent, and much better than what the earlier Rugby game endured. I think the pricing was the main deterrent. With the programme being $8, I thought that it might be normal for Sydney?

To summarise the trip though, I always thought that Sydney was basically Melbourne with more people. How wrong I was. No offence, but I think Sydney is a bit of a slum, and had better clean up its act before the Olympics (particularly in the centre). A friend from the states with me thought that Sydney was more similar to New York in many ways (not a good thing)...

And lining up for a train ticket for 1/2 hour after one 'event' isn't exactly encouraging. One memory that will stick in my mind is the distanceness of taxi drivers, and the fact that they are surrounded by a plastic shell for safety from passengers. I hope Melbourne never has to resort to this!

}} Nothing on the night compared to the MCG match, but then that was
}} expected. The closest reminder was the roar when Zelic scored the
}} first. However, I predict that a final qualifier for the World Cup with
}} a packed house would easily eclipse the atmosphere at the 'G'.

Not "easily" (but likely). And it's a shame that the "my-stadium-is-bigger-than-yours" mentality (rather than sporting passion) will win that tie back for Sydney. I apologise if this has come out as an anti-Sydney post, but this is how I honestly feel after coming back from there. Cheers, and I hope the Manchester game pulls great crowds in both cities!

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