Australia 3 - World Stars 2

The expected sell-out crowd didn't eventuate, perhaps the disappointing turnout for the All-Thugs an explanation. Vieri, Leonardo, Klinsmann, yes. Lama, Julio Cesar, Song, Branca, Ramzy, West, Radebe, (did the last 2 play?) I can agree with. Margas, Okan, Yakin, Tsymbalar and Bartlett definitely not. LeTissier?

I have decided not to get all angry about the lack of media attention and general treatment of this game by Channel 7. I'll save that for another day.

Okan sent over a corner and Yakin rose highest to put it in the far side. Australia then looked pretty ordinary for the rest of the half.

The All-Thugs, meanwhile, having discovered they were playing on the remains of a rugby pitch, did their best to remove assorted Aussies from the fray. Song, typically was at the forefront, several 2 footed lunges reminding all of his country's performances in the WC.

Another thug by name of Bartlett removed Kewell from the fray by chopping him down as Kewell went by him.

Raul probably slipped some of his native mate into the drinks at half time and we came out much stronger. Zelic scored almost immediately, his long accurate shot from 30M sailed over Campos, who failed to divert it sufficiently.

Bozza went off for Kalac, who at least makes himself available for selection and generally does a good job. I hesitate to mention a certain player at a North-East English club who acts like Martina Hingis and I won't.

It is great to see how far our players have progressed, when Zelic is arguably getting the better of Leonardo - who has won just about everything - it proves how far we've come. We just need to play 5-10 games a year with a good coach and we'll be right.

It was Zelic again setting up Emerton, who in his first touches took the ball down and blasted underneath Campos to score a memorable goal. I hope that several Eurocroto coaches were watching, as Emerton has no need to remain in this country. Tonight was a good example of what Emerton can do when playing upfield and not fullback, as Les criminally did in the South Korea games and the WYC.

Our third was the stuff of comedy. Vidmar? sent Emerton (or Foxe) away down the right and his pullback cross was pushed into the net by Margas, facing his own goal.

Rufer, who must be nearly 50, came on for Klinsmann, and hopefully scored his last-ever (if not forever) goal against us, exposing Kalac at the near post and showing us a glimpse of his Werder Bremen days.

A great night of football and I wonder what the papers will say tomorrow.

written by David Arnold