Australia 1 - Turkey 3

The result was appropriate, but I have been trying to look at these games as building and assessment exercises for Franky and not win at all cost matches. That said, I like a win and was sorry we didn't at least put our two chances from open play on target.

Moore, Cruel and V-Bomber missing - who else from Frank's (our) run on first XI?

Accepting that and the very short get together time, I thought we were not all that bad, but a class or so behind Turkey. Pretty well all four goals were down to imperfections in either the ref or our lads. I still don't know what happened in their first - deflection, porous wall, bad bobble or just Mark's bad error (or a combo)? I don't think they should have had the free kick anyway.

Ours was not a penalty, but I didn't pick up where either the ref or his assistant were at the time of the offence. Very annoying to a defender who times his foul outside the box so expertly , but a spot kick is given regardless.

Their other two I guess were down to our bad errors, though some credit must be given to the deceptive dropping cross that lured Schwarzer out and the great finish under pressure after our mega stuffup for the other.

I've watched Ruud Van N struggle all season up front alone and I don't think we looked that hot in that formation too. However, FF has to see how it goes and apparently (according to Foster) he intended to try to hold them for the first half before playing two up front and it almost came off.

The ref blew up a lot that the Euro-players normally would find acceptable. but we have to be ready to deal with all kinds of international officials' interpretations and should adapt to their style if possible within a game - not easy, but it can be made to work to our benefit. Last night perhals all a player needed to do was shield a ball back to opponent, wait for a touch and go down. I'm not actually advocating diving (well, perhaps I am), but all's fair in love, war and football. I though he was even handed, but a few of the yellows were very dubious. BTW, do friendly yellows accumulate towards sanctions in the real games?

I heard the stuff about impressing the new manager, but interesting that the Turks were so up for it, don't you think?

If they had halved (or substantially reduced) the ticket costs, would they have filled the stadium and still done at least as well financially do you think? If so, any chance at all of a lesson learnt?

Written by David Marshall