Australia 1 - South Korea 0

The English language died the day the words "Babic" and "distribution" were used in the same sentence.

The Socceroos died - well, not really - the day that we decided that it was OK to form the team from any player within the Top 50 Aussie players! The Socceroos are THE SOCCEROOS ferchrisakes. I would much rather that we played fewer internationals if it meant we had the real Socceroos playing them. The way everyone talks these days it's like the national team is purely a test bed for the exlusive use of experimentation and blooding new players!!!! (eg, Johnny Warren's "use the exercise to give the Olympic team some competition". Sure, give them exposure, but make it a tourney involving Olympic opposition. eg2: "Good opportunity to blood new players" (anon et al :) ). Sure, blood one or two or three, but when the team barely has anyone from the Melbourne match (for example) and when there are any number of players making their debut...AND when those who aren't are barely making their second or third or fourth appearance....well, it just isn't the Socceroos I'm afraid.

Yeah, Italy or England or..... doing the same thing!?? I'd like to see that (mitigating geography notwithstanding).

Can we put some value back into earning a gold jersey???? Please!!!

Bilokapic??? Puuullllease Mark Babic??? F*&%^ me!!!! etc...

On a serious note: (Borella's always gotta have a smiley in his emails) (all non-ABC viewers switch off now) Is Mark Babic not the splitting image of the "crowd favourite" in the ABC's Race Around The World competition??? [sorry can't remember his name - but those of you who watched the series will recall the naked St Kilda supporter cum film maker :)] {John Safran, utter knob - TE}

...And as for the other Monday night show before the English football....

I have finally worked out where Red Dwarf's skipper Arnold J. Rimmer has gone..

He now keeps goal for Australia when Tall and Thin is out.....

Yes....J. Petkovic is really Arnold Rimmer...pity Rimmer wears the wrong goalposts on his forehead....:)))))))

OK, outta here ;(

written by David Borella