South Korea 4 - Australia 2

Well, for 44 minutes Australia were sublime. They did not overly exhert themselves, passing was effective, delivery into the penalty box was accurate, and forwards were there to receive. Agostino in fine touch, scoring twice. The Socceroos had Korea on the ropes with a smooth counter-attacking style of play.

The last play before the first half, a Sth Korea freekick. Poor marking, easy header, 2-1. In the second half, Australia was prepared to close out the game, they were certainly no longer interested in attacking.

Defending can be a cruel role for a player. Where a striker can have a flash of brilliance for the whole match and be a hero, a defender can play well for the majority of the match, slip up briefly and be a villian. In a tough world, only the tough survive. For the crucial World Cup qualifiers, the Socceroos must see the return of Muscat, Moore and Okon in defense.

This current Olyroo defense has been through plenty, and it is only through sheer experience, that they will learn. 2006 World Cup beckons for them. In the immediate future, it is clear to see how much Australia relies on its captain Paul Okon. Before tonight's match, Australia had not conceded a goal in 7 matches, tonight they copped 4 in little over one half of play.

There is not much more that can be said about this LG Cup really. Aloisi and Agostino will certainly be Farina's options come cruch time next year, blended in with Leeds duo Viduka and Kewell. Emerton continues his consistent rise to the top of Australian soccer and the football world in general.

We've shown we can score, we know who our strikers are. The left side of the field is the territory of Tiatto and Lazaridis. Emerton is beginning to own the right hand side. Central midfield, defense and goalkeeper is where the competition for places lie. Defense is where Frank Farina currently has most homework.

written by Markian Jaworsky