Australia 2 - Paraguay 1

Oz 2 (Foster, Zdrillic)
Primadonnas 1 (Kalac-is-a-total-dickhead)

I admire the art of the con. It gives me joy to watch an artist give his confidence and have it returned. I wasn't participating in this confidence game as I'd scored several comps from you-know- who. Thanks Bonnie.

The game itself. Unwatchable first half, great second. Tiatto was sent sprawling, Okon stepped up and ballooned it high. The Primadonnas wasted about 2 minutes from foul to shot with pushing, shoving and kicking.

Foster scored after a scramble. I was directly behind Chilashit and to me he looked very slow in getting to the ball. Zdrillic scored an utter gem about 10 minutes later. He took a low cross from the right flank, killed it with his right foot, turned and whacked it with his left. Worth the price of admission alone. Both goals were to Chilashits inside post. Something to remember.

The twat got sent off rightly, which took about 5 minutes to do. It was ugly stuff here, a report should go into FIFA if only for symbolic value. Best of all, Connolly blew for time just after the restart.

Yet again, the Socceroos go 2-0 up in Melbourne, but this time we held on for it.

Kalac has surely played his last game in an Australian shirt, the man is just not international standard. Too many times he's caught like a donkey in nomansland and we pay for it. He was crap against Brasil in Melbourne, crap against the Czechs and shit tonight.

I can agree with Muscat - we hardly have anyone else. Popovic and Murphy? Moore, Laybutt and Foxe are better already. Popovic has improved considerably over the last couple of years, particularly his passing, but forget Murphy please. Lazaridis is wasted at left back. Emerton, Okon, Foster, Tiatto. Good, solid midfield, even if Okon clearly has his mind on other things. Probably very close to what we're going to play in the Oceania Cup. Maybe Skoko (where is he?) and Colosimo will come in.

Clacka Zane was only bought in because he played for a Sydney team. (Cardozo? Mori? Thompson?) Zdrillic finished off the Bundesliga season well, it's easy to see why. I thought he played well in the first game (should have scored from Lazaridis' cross though). Ago is either hot or cold, with him there really is no middle ground.

Frankie? Makes some very strange selections, but he did well with Laybutt so give him the benefit of the doubt. 442 is the big question with him. I personally don't like it - no sweeper, not enough midfielders and of the current squad, only the Brit-based ones play it enough.

It was good to see LG get into it, they have their heart in the right place. But admin is not worthy of it.

I spoke to cops in relation to Dave M's great post and was assured that no, this was not a test for security. The Hellas fans took advantage and managed to smuggle in a flare, of course.

written by David Arnold