Australia 0 - Paraguay 0

Heard this from a reliable source, related to the organisational aspects of Friday nite.....

The kick off was delayed (and not to let the thousands outside in :-) ). I hear its because Chilashit (as bay 23 called him) had his studs inspected, and ruled too sharp by Micallef. Chilashit refuses to change the boots. Micallef says he can't go on. Basil Scarsella comes down, tells Micallef to play him. Micallef says he won't ref if he's overruled like this. Basil says he's the boss, he pays the wages and get out there!

Is this true??? If so, the whole kiboodle is going down the toilet. We've got Aussie players riding scooters instead of playing for Oz, $40 tickets to stand behind the goal, no promotion, pointless ads for channel 7 (!!!!) throughout the game (even during play) and now this.

What the flock is going on? And no, Fred this is not "business" per se as none of this shite goes on, at other corporatised events. This is amatuerism.

written by Mark Bowman