Australia 0 - Paraguay 0

David Marshall wrote:

] I thought we did alright without Harry Cruel last night. If only our
] strikers would follow the basic concept of heading downwards we could have
] won by a couple. It was nice to see the pattern developing, cohesion
] forming and confidence rising. We certainly have a lot more "clas" on
] display (IMHO) than we did in days of yore. Good ball controllers, ball
] players and passers. Augers well for the future. Pleasantly surprised by
] Emerton (whom I felt has been overrated until last night) and  Tiatto
] (whom I always remember as a 100mph bumbler - now looking quite savvy as
] well as quiick). T&T never really had a chance to stuff up - jury still

We certainly dominated territorially, but the game never really reached any great peaks. Tiatto had a good game, as did Stan the Man. The Aussies seemed to put a bit more urgency into their game in the last 10 minutes, but up to that point neither side had really thrilled the crowd. Our defence lived dangerously a few times, with Paraguay looking good on the break. I'd have to say that Paraguay didn't look anywhere near a top 20 side though.

] out for me. Can't wait to see Chilavert cought out running back from one
] of his famous free kicks - FF PLEASE work on that one :-). I hope it's in
] Brisbane on Monday. I hope we can sing to him -

It looked like they tried it a few times last night, but Spider just couldn't kick far enough. Only once was the Paraguayan defence put under any pressure in that situation. Speaking of Spider and kicking, if people think Bozza is bad with the ball at his feet, they should have watched Spider's display last night.

As to other people's comments about Micallef's performance, I agree completely - he was woeful. A hip and shoulder challenge on a player with the ball is not a free kick, let alone a yellow card offence, no matter how theatrically said player may roll about the ground.

written by Tony Calder & David Marshall