Australia 0 - New Zealand 1

Various thoughts on the match...

Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 18:52:15 +1000 From: Alan Clark

Ooooh, it was painful, wasn't it?

I've not seen a less effective Aussie national team for decades now, and with few on-field exceptions, it seemed like the players didn't have much concern for the result either.

Which is a little surprising, given reports that they had negotiated, or were in the process of negotiating, 40 percent of the Confed Cup prize-money.

I know we were without most of the players we would expect to see were Oz playing a fair-dinkum WC game, but any side that gets shirted up as the National team *is* the National team, and we got done. There's no logic in saying Australia is the best country in Oceania in the light of being defeated in a Final. EnZed is, and so rightfully takes its place in the Mexico tournament.

Charlie Dempsey will be having a quiet chuckle this weekend at Oz and David Hill expense.

EnZed will have a dickens of a time in the Confed Cup - given that all their big-name players had been brought back from their overseas clubs for the tournament - Carlton, Perth, South Melbourne, and Brisbane of Oz, Bohemians of Ireland, and Haddock Filleters United or whatever it is from Iceland included. And because EnZed will have that struggle, so too will Oceania in the eyes of the world.

But it won't be EnZed to blame - it'll be our players and administrators who once again took our place in Oceania for granted.

From: Kevin Christopher Date: Sun, 4 Oct 1998 19:21:46 -0700

I thought November 29 was a low point in Australian soccer. But October 4 is utterly repulsive. The administrators responsible for the loss of $1.3 million should resign. Any company directors faced with a gifthorse of that magnitude would be vilified by their shareholders if the 'easy money' was somehow pissed away simply because the hard yards weren't done in terms of preparation. There are players who took part in this debacle who should also publicly announce their retirement from international football. For the good of Australian soccer.

For we have reached rock bottom. We have treated our arch rival with disdain and have been made to look like idiots as a result. It is time to start again. There is no point booking any further international matches. We will have to concentrate whatever resources remain to the Olyroos. Any there will be eff all resources now that the Confederations Cup - THE MAIN REASON PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF ARE SO KEEN TO SEE OCEANIA REMAIN VIABLE - has somehow eluded us.

Our administrators and coaching staff must be complete effing morons. They get the opportunity of a lifetime and they let it pass. Just like Brisbane's soccer fans.

Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 00:26:03 From: Tancred

No. We have to go to Asia to be part of a real competion. Oceania is tiny. Australia and New Zealand are the only countries that have any hope of generating television revenue. Oceania will never have a Champions Cup or a Cup Winners Cup. The Oceania Confederations cup is tiny, contested by only a few small countries. The only time we have quality internationals in Australia is for some World Cup qualifiers. Thats only several games every *4* years. A move to Asia should give us 6-10 home and away games every 2nd year (World cup and Asia Cup). To be honest I don't care if we win them I just want to see us play decent games, with decent squads in Australia.

The football hating media have convinced the public that a yearly game of Rugby League between Australia and New Zeanld is the most important thing in the world. They are convinced the whole planet stops to watch Australia play England in cricket (Yawn). This is the crap we put up with. When the only International football they see in this country is a 3rd rate team playing small pacific island countries this reinforces the notion that "our football" (read Rugby league or AFL) is the only thing that matters.

Oceania will never become a strong confederation. Even if Australia and New Zealand were ranked 1st and 2nd in the world Oceania will never be strong.

Asia is a far better option. Ask yourself this how would you feel if a strong German national team only played at home 2-3 times every four years? Would you been unhappy at this? Then how would you feel if these games were against very small European nations ? It's not very attractive is it? How would you feel if Euro 2000 was so important none of the European clubs let their German players go? This is what we put up with.

Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 09:13:31 +1000 From: Fred Legget

Fate does seem to have a way of bringing back to earth with an arse damaging thud people/organisations etc that get just a teensie weensie bit carried away with their own perceived achievements, and self worth.

Some of the postings regarding the national team recently on this list have reminded me of Scotland's view of their 'heroes' just before they went off to the World Cup in '74, (Ally's Army!)when a commonly held view was that all they had to do was fly over for the presentation ceremony.

While yesterday's result hurt, it may help us realise that those damned Kiwi's can NEVER be underestimated, as just like when Scotland plays the Evil Empire (England) the Kiwis will always lift their game a few notches against the Aussies.

Methinks its now a toss up between Raul Blanco and Johnny Howard to see who gets replaced first!

From: David Marshall Date: Sun, 4 Oct 1998 19:03:35 +0000

What a total load of bollocks. I have endured Nov 29, Brisbane City relegated from the National League, Brisbane United's totally crap year, Brisbane STRIKERS last season, Manu relegated to the 2nd division; but I don't recall a less inspiring, more awful football match than that played at the Corpse this afternoon.

I really can't explain what happened, but the second string Socceroos, the True Blues - call them what you like, with the exception of Casey Wehrman, were total rubbish. I say bring back David Hill :-). There was no pattern nor commitment from our lads. You could be excused for thinking this was a dead rubber. It looked as if they pulled on the shirts because they had to and went through the motions. There was no sign of animation from Blanco or Les throughout the match and if we don't bring in a "neue Besen" forthwith I fear for the future of football in this country. All you who codemned Venebles, have a good think - this time last year we were alive in the World Cup, the game was starting to hold its head up and there was some optimism about. What have we now? You tell me!

The whole afternoon started badly when I discovered the Pope is a Protestant - the Irish Connection was closed. We met Crofty and the Crofts at the the Caxton and eventually wandered down to the game - poor pathetic me with Oz flag, rattle, wig and so on in tow. The gound was horribly empty and the placid atmosphere was a little lightened by the appearence of Chris Dunkerly in Oz shirt (there were quite a few around) and Spirit cap. The teams came out and I thought there must have been a minute's silence for someone - I now realaize it was Ozsoccer - the crowd was so quiet. Chris had to be admonished for raising his voice at one stage. There was a strangely upbeat version of the SSB anthem and we had bloody Julie Anthony for the zillionth time. The crowd didn't sing because the words were not on the hopeless Corpse scoreboard so they didn't know them, were too shy or simply couldn't be arsed

As far as the game is concerned - I'm sure you have all suffered via SBS, and I think I will follow Crofty's example and say nothing. $2 000 000 down the gurgler to a moderately competent, but enthusiastic bunch of sheep shaggers. What now folks?

From: Andre Kruger Date: Sun, 4 Oct 1998 07:17:50 EDT

Australia lost against New Zealand? Is that true? Unbelievable. So it's time to say something in my bad English, if you want to hear or not. A few guys in Germany, like me or Herbert, are in a big love relationship with the Socceroos.

We have not many chances to see them on TV, so we were very happy to see all the games from the last Confederation Cup live, and our Aussies are the Vice Champs.

So, we wait for the moment to see them again in Mexico. We know not a lot about the Team at the moment, only that they play without the Euroroos.

But I read all the mails in the last weeks on the list. Australia has to go to Asia, because they have no strong Opponents and nothing to learn in Oceania.

After the letter from Bruce (NZ), who only hoped that HIS Team will win (I think that's okay), everyone cried, how will the Kiwis beat a Team like Australia? With Players who Kicked in Germans third Leagues or on frozen Island?

The Con Cup is not the World Cup, but it's a Tournament with great Teams, a lot of things to learn and a Cup to earn a lot of money, Australia needed so badly.

Yesterday I told my wife, I think Australia will loose, because every time when the people start with comments like that, something's going wrong. Arrogant - Presumptuous - Imaginary First you have to beat a Team, doesn't matter which, than you can start to laugh.

In 1981 they want to beat NZ also easily, but they lost. In 1989 it was no problem to kick Israel out at home, but they draw and in 1997, it was an easy step to send the Mullahs home. But the Socceroos failed badly.

Now it's now problem, for a Team ranked around the place 30 to beat a Team at home, who was somewhere on a place far away from 100. At the last U 17 WC, New Zealand lost against Spain with more then 10 Goals, but a few month earlier they kicked Australia out of the Qualification But now, you can not ignore that, Australia is in one of his biggest crises on International Soccer ever.

They are strong enough to beat Cook or the Solomon's, but not New Zealand, Japan or Iran. I think you have to change a lot in Down Under. And you have to show more respect to your Opponents. It needs a lot of time and work, if Australia can laugh again about the other Countries, at the moment everyone is laughing about the Socceroos.

Date: Sun, 04 Oct 1998 17:54:00 +0800 From: Searlais Mullin


Blanco's first real test as national coach, and he managed these two truly remarkable achievements:

First loss to New Zealand since Arok in '89.

First loss at home to New Zealand since Gutendorf in '81.

And that half-time substitution and tactical rearrangement beats the previous worst I've ever seen in an international - Jack Charlton bringing on Kernaghan as a striker for Ireland against Holland in 96.

I could go on and rave about the fact that Ceccoli played the full ninety minutes without once getting to the by-line, while de Amicis sat it out on the bench, and other assorted incompetencies, but I'd rather not have an aneurism.

We'd better find a decent coach, and quickly. Preferably before we turn up in San Jose.

PS - What's the bet Mori scores a hat-trick against Hay and Wilkinson when Glory meets Ad City next weekend ...