Australia v New Zealand by Chris Dunkerley

Australia 2 - New Zealand 0

Well all I can put it down to is the Syrian referee hasn't seen rain for 3 years. There were however very large sheets of water on the ground on the western side and it was 'pissing' down at 6.30.

We were all very flat after the game was postponed and even some time back at the C. Arms didn't lift us. Is this the first WC match postponed this tournament?

The pre-match warm up at the Arms was tops with at least 20 of the List present (I didn't meet everyone, and I've forgotten half of those I did so sorry - and apologies my hearing is not 100% :-)) We arrived at the SFS in good voice and the NZ squad that warmed up in front of Bay 23 was seen off with great gusto. What a let down then.

On to Sunday - 7pm Parramatta Stadium (hope the RL isn't played there before) - meet at the Cronin Stand (eastern side) low down in front of the bar area. The team deserves your presence and voices. We believe that the rain has been much less the 25km west so we hope for a playable ground and the rain to stop. Better be in church in the morning guys! :-)

Hope all our interstate listees can stay. Great to have you in Sydney and sorry about our weather.

[And onto the game at the second attempt - TE]

Well despite NZ being without a couple of players they put on a typical gusty display and fought to the final whistle. Unluckily for them there was never any doubt about the result as this far superior Aussie team put on a truly impressive display. Sure the 2 goals could have been 6 if we only had a striker - who will provide us with the lethal goal scoring we need to get through to France? That is the big question El TV has to answer after tonight. Still we need not fear anyone with such a team. The midfield was sublime.

The first 30 minutes we looked likely to overrun them but seemed to ease off the pedal, and in the second half NZ tried to claw their way back but just hit a 'brick wall'. We picked up the game later.

Bring on the Asians ..

Quick Ratings:  (if you don't like 'em post your own!)
Bosnich	  7 - 	Had some more to do than in Auckland and he is often a worry
		but a couple of long kicks out were right to the feet of our
		men, and some good takes.
Ivanovic  7 - 	Competent display and just goes on and on. 
Tobin (c) 7 - 	Very solid again
Moore     6 - 	Off injured and after a yellow card (T Vidmar)
Lazaridis 8 - 	Excellent game and really opned them up down the flanks
Zelic     9 - 	Created a lot of moves / chances, magnificently gliding
		through the midfield and his goal was awesome.
Slater    8 - 	Held the ball well, worked hard, and helped dominate the
Arnold    7 - 	Better game from Arnie but still shy of shooting. Nice goal.
Foster    8 - 	Very good game and much above his usual EC stuff. Commanded
		the mf.
A. Vidmar 8 -   Looked sharp with some beatiful touches. Needs to work harder.
Aloisi    6 -   Missed two sitters and had an average game. 
T. Vidmar 7 -   Did well and made some telling tackles as well as getting
Trimboli and Mori came on (for Arnold and Aloisi) too late to do much.

Great to have so many of the list and Bay 23'ers back up tonight - sorry all you interstate guys and gals who couldn't stay. We had quite a crew of Listees - with Forza Fred and GK Willie in front of me (seems compulsorary to have grey hair and speak with a Scots accent to back Marconi). The Flouros (aka a bunch of Rowdies) in their bright rain gear with Steve "Quiz Master" Bradbury in their midst, and other Breakers Rowdies like Roo & David Melo. Great that David Marshall stayed in Sydney, as did our Tasmanian friend who is coming back in November. Their was Harry Bowman and Mastercard Malcolm (will Robyn forgive him for missing the dinner party?), and many more! What a great night - and if you put Saturday's lead up at the Cricketers Arms with tonight's singing and game - a great Football weekend!

Go you Aussies.

PS. SBS broadcast clearly picked up a large amount of the temporary bay 69 singing including favourites such as "Celery", and "You Fat Bastard" It was also great to hear a few times the Cronin Stand reverberate to "Ozzie" Ozzie" when the mass behind us got in the swing. More of that at the SFs in November please.

Written by Chris Dunkerley