Australia 1 - New Zealand 0

My spouse said to me in the 6th minute "this is going to 0-0" and he was almost right.

I thought Francis (on SBS) was quite generous in his assessment of the game ... along the lines of he thought the "energy and verve" were encouraging. That didn't quite hit me but maybe it just didn't translate to a small screen in a cool climate.

Agree with Phil (and, BTW, Tony Dorrigo) re Emerton. He does a couple of flashy things but is just too unreliable with that final pass.

If Viduka plays, and we get Aloisi and Zdrilic back, upfront isn't going to be as big a headache next week as the midfield, which is sadly lacking (and we don't have Bresciano and/or Grella coming in)and the defence which remind me increasingly of one line in the Tennyson poem, 'Ulysses' ... it would be good if they went on and read the next few lines and then lived up to it.

However, full marks for Frank's post-match interview. Vast improvement.

written by Bonita Mersiades