Australia 1 - Norway 0

The pouring rain for most of the day of the match probably deterred some from attending, I certainly thought it was a 20,000 kind of game. It didn't, of course, stop the diehards and we hit the Cricketers Arms Hotel around 4pm. Managed to avoid a serious confrontation with a group of bikies who were wondering who all the guys were in poofy yellow shirts invading "their" pub. Eventually there were enough Australian supporters to convince them that something was actually on.

Arrived at the ground just in time for the NZ and Korean notional anthems (no typo there). SBS probably turned the crowd mikes down again so the baa-ing noises couldnt be heard. Thoroughly bored thru most of the early match, amused by NZ taking the lead (they really think they're OK at football), until the Koreans got their shit together and buried them.

Bay 23 learnt a lot about the Korean style of crowd suppot. Highly bemused by the sight of several hundred Koreans bending forwards and backwards together in unison whilst singing a strange song. This is a tactic tried by Bay 23 in the later game ("lets go Sth Korean, lets go Sth Korean....") with only limited success.

Prior to the main game, we discover that the Norwegian anthem is even worse than either NZ or SK. The Damien Mori World Record Result Award when to a Norwegian supporter who arrived with his well endowed girlfriend next to Bay 23. After urging her "get her tits out for the lads" he responded to the crowd by unzipping his fly and producing the goods, resulting in eviction within minutes of his arrival! (2 inches for 2 minutes)

The crowd support for the Aussies was fantastic, the noisiest I've heard from Bay 23 for a few years. New items included "Terry Venables green and gold army..." and "I'm not missing Eddie Thomson, I'm not missing Eddie Thomson...", amongst all the old favourites. I personally enjoyed the game immensely, but will not give a critical analysis. I know there were times when we struggled, but the new attacking style and running off the ball was a joy to behold. I would rather see this, even with balls going astray, than go back to the crap of the last few years. This sort of play makes people want to come along!

Suffice to say that I had my doubts about TV, but not anymore. If he can do this with the local guys in 2 weeks, imagine what he can do with the Euro guys.

At half time we were entertained (in the stands) by a cool African Band, complete with Francis Awaratife look like. Were they supplied by SA or did they think "bugger it, we'll just go to the soccer and play"?

The goal was a blur, but I survived serious injury as the Bay went beserk. As the game wore on the Norwegians ran out of ideas, resorting to the long high ball into the box. A really clever tactic when you're up against Kalac, who caught every one of them and received great cheering and singing from the Bay behind him. We enjoyed the 6 or so waves he gave us but TV will probably harrass him for it!

The singing continue well after the game, and for good measure we hung around outside the ground as the team emerged. TV was last but seemed to appreciate the small group of yobs going "on ya Tel" etc. We left to the sounds of "he shook this hand" and "I patted him on the back you know". Johnny CSTJ [Can't see the join, in reference to his coiffure which seems to posess unnatural qualities - TE] Warren didnt offer comment to "Whatta ya think now Warren" etc.

One good mention for the security and police. I was worried that after all the cricket crap that would chuck anyone out just just standing up. They left us to enjoy ourselves, responding only to fair dinkum stuff like flares (only one) and the Norwegian micropenis. In truth there were police around us rather than the dickhead security people. The cops are much more intelligent and better trained in these situations and knew we weren't up to any trouble.

In all, a great nite. If this keeps up it will be a cracker year!

written by Mark Bowman, Bay 23 regular