Australia 2 - Norway 2

I thought overall Australia did ok. In saying that though Norway were not the best of teams and in the end it was just a friendly.

The first problem i saw was that the midfield was not defending enough. Farina only played one defensive midfielder in Skoko (a makeshift one at that) and the rest were standing up front. This meant only 5 players were defneding and everytime Norway got the ball it would be dangerous. On the other hand Australia did pass the ball around quite well, perhaps the best ive seen since Farina became coach.

Norway's goal to me was Cahill's fault. The player who ran into the box and had the shot was cleaery in Cahill's zone, Kewell was trying to get back with him but he shouldnt have had to. Cahill was standing admiring Lucas Neill defend and his man went right through.

Australias goal was a magnifcent pass from Bresciano one of his few highlights and well finished off by Cahill, although he may have been marginally offside.

The second half was much better for Australia because Grella came on to tighten things in the middle. So everytime Norway got the ball there was at least 6 players behind it making it easier to defend. I thought Viduka was awesome in the 2nd half. He holding up of the ball, tight skill it was great to watch. Skoko was freed up by the introduction of Grella and performed really well too. Australias 2nd goal was magnifcent, great passing movement and Viduka's turn and pass was world class.

I think Farina should have closed up shop at this time. 2-1 up lets practise holding onto a lead for when we really need to. He should have taken off one of the 3 front men, probably Kewell and put on a more defensive player. Norway started to attack with more players so there was much more space for a counter attack. In the end it was a feel a dodgy goal Australia suffered. both Schwarzer and the defender were at fault i feel. Anything that close to the goal has to be knocked out. I read Alan mentioning puting a player on the backpost. The problem with that is it puts everyone on side and the opposition well just pack everybody in front of the goal. After that Farina went for broke but it was never going to happen. The game lost its structure and feel to bits.

Schwarzer - did ok might have been at fault for 2nd goal
Neill - solid at the back, I'm starting to like him
Vidmar - hes just not a centre back
Popovic - needs someone next to him who is a centre back
Stan- What is he doing in the team?
Skoko - Magnficent, did most things right was equally creative and good in defence man of the match for me
Cahill - He should be playing up front not in midfield
Bresciano - played out of position, glimpses of brilliance
Emerton - did some good things but sometimes took the ball too far
Viduka - fantastic 2nd half don't understand the criticism he recieves
Kewell - the less said the better
Grella - Integral to the teams 2nd half perofrmance, was always in the middle breaking down opposition attacks
Tiatto - How does he keep making the side?
Elrich - Didn't have much time but did make one good run
Chipperfield - Don't know why he came on
Farina - Poor team selection and tactical naivity, but got the team to pass the ball around really well

Vitor - Always critical, demands perfection from his favourite teams

written by Vitor Sobral