Netherlands 1 - Australia 1

Couple of points from last night's games, in no particular order.

Reasonable enough I would say, although probably should have lost about 3-1.

The Dutch were genuinely surprised by how seriously Australia took the game. There are far too many dirty bassas in the Green and Gold, which tells me that Wilkshire's red will not be the last you will see in the next few weeks.

Two in particular will be in trouble in Germany - Craig Moore and Vince Grella. Neither one has a good enough touch to get away with it.

Schwarzer was good as he always is at shop stopping, i.e. diving at full stretch. Once again he basically was at fault for the first goal, he has an uncomfortable habit of "patting" down balls, rather than fisting (oo, err missus) them away or just simply catching them. He has given up a number of goals for Middlesbrough in this fashion this year. He is still miles better than Kalac though.

The Pie Man, despite the captaincy, looks to be unsure of himself and short on confidence. Australia looked the better side, even with ten men, when Aloisi led the line.

Bresciano was relatively anonymous, I think he is seriously over-rated, but will hold fire on that one. Culina is fine for what you want him to do. Wilkshire is out of his depth. I actually thought Emo was OK given that he had to cover back on Robben all day - actually probably the only Australian player physically gifted enough to do so.

I though Chipperfield and Neill were decent. Also Cahill if fit could be more influential than Kewell. Of all of them, you get the feeling that he would like to score the most, you know take a kick in the teeth for the team.

written by James Walker