Netherlands 1 - Australia 1

Simon HIll said while doing the commentary in tongight's 1-1 draw with Holland, words to the effect ..."Well, I think there is no doubt now about who will be in the goalkeeping position when the World Cup kicks off...."

The only thing that surprised me these past few weeks is that there was ANY doubt as to who should be between the sticks come WC time.

I thought one had to prove oneself on the park to be worthy of consideration, and apart from Mike Cockerilll and a couple at SBS, I hardly think Kalac's 3 (was it?) appearances during a season put him in the frame as a hardened and battle proven contender.

In fact with that number of appearances there is a reasonable argument that with his his lack of match practice he should not be in the party at all.

Now I've always liked Spider, both as a goalie and as a bloke, but I have to agree with Philip Micalleff in todays Sunday Telegraph where he said that he was guilty of 'conduct unbecoming' when he questioned publicly in the media, Schwarzer's ability and recent performances.

While one may be in deadly rivalry for a WC spot, I believe such rivalry should be played out on the training field,not in the media, and that to publicly question the ability of a fellow team mate, does absolutely zero for morale and unity within the squad.

Schwarzer proved tonight, hopefully even to Mr Cockerill, who for reasons known only to himself has been championing Kalac's case at every opportunity, that the Boro custodian should be between the sticks when we play Japan.

Schwarzer also proved I think, by his silence in the face of Kalac's unworthy and unprofessional comments, who is the most professional and dignified between them.

Hopefully Spider will hve learned from this.

On to the game and in summary.

A better result than performance I thought, although that should not be taken as a criticism.

Holland had about 6 clear cut chances, and were it not for Schwarzer, the result could have been so different.

I was surprised when Hiddink chose the boy frm Bristol City, and even though he is named Wilkshire, I just don't think what he has to 'cut it' at this level.

Apart form Schwarzer, I thught Viduka was outstanding, but I 'knew' he was going to miss the penalty, and thought Chipperfield should have been the chosen one.

I have two concerns going into the finals

1 I am concerend about a distinct lack of depth.

2 I have absolutely no idea where the goals are going to come from.

written by Fred Legget