Hungary 0 - Australia 3

Great to have won so well. Problem is, how good were Hungary? They showed some great skills, especially Nagy, but seemed badly organized.

Just my opinions -

Bozzo - mainly concerned with cleaning up the bog rolls. Did what was needed and expected. A coupe of kicks off the deck still looked insecure, but for United recently that aspect is much improved.

The Grape - very restrained and effective.

Laybutt - probably a revelation to many, but he developed into a class act up here for the STRIKERS, which obviously allows FF to have good insight into him. I don't think he put a foot wrong.

Moore - another good Queensland lad who is showing that he now reads the game very well, knowing when it is safe and appropriate to get upfield.

Vidmar - hardly noticed him, which means he did his job with quiet efficiency, or had not much to do.

Skoko - all go and drive, just right for the role he has.

Okon - another right on the money. Sad to say, but Ned wasn't missed.

Tiatto - much better than he used to be, but still tends to put his head down and run rather pointlessly into trouble.

Corica - perhaps the only one who, I felt, didn't make the impact he may have.

V Bomber - someone said the other day that Marco hasn't cut the mustard at international level yet. I'm not sure this game allowed him do that either, but he certainly caused them a lot of worries and did some very useful things.

Harry Cool - hardly got going and did not go well with the Bomber. I hope it was the ankle that caused him to be less than the superstar than expected. Lots of good things, but still seems to spend more time complaining to officials and opponants than I like. (Cue ABU response here :-) ).

Agostino - this time looked better with Marco than did Harry.

Foster - big impact, couldn't shoot.

Stan the Man - I love the man. Great to see those gangly legs nicking past defenders and crossing so well. I would have him on before Tiatto any day.

Hungary - possibly just about the right strength of a team for FF to start to sort things out. The game in Prague will give us a better measure of where we stand.

The ref - I though he'd left his cards in the officials' changing room for the first half. He seemed to allow the Magyars to cynically stop us at every break without a booking. I though our two bookings a bit tough taking into account cosistancy and the nature of the offenses.

The crowd - they were up for it and showed some of the passion that we lack here. I wouldn't like to have been caught short with diarrhoea within a couple of kilometres of the ground :-). The stadium - just what we need here in Brisbans :-(.

written by David Marshall