Hungary 0 - Australia 3

Fabbo result and well-deserved - we were at least a three-goal better team.

The fact that we played up and at them for all the game meant we actually played as the "home" team in the fixture. Viduka and Kewell were doing some great work up front, but I thought the second-half pairing of Viduka and Agostino were even better.

Moore, and the Grape were impassible at the back, and Laybutt's opener was great to see - the only domestic-based Oz popping up for the starter.

Bozza had next to nothing to do, but on those couple of occasions when he did, he showed his class. I think he was very lucky to get away with a foul being called when he was cleanly out-jumped for the attacker to win a header in the six-yard box first half.

We tore them apart in the first 30 mins, and then for all of the second-half.

Skoko and Okon had fabbo games - in fact, I don't reckon there was an Oz-player who wasn't far better then whoever they faced.

Great to see a Grade-A Oz combo on the park again.

And it was well-reffed as well, with the game being allowed to flow when most A-League refs I reckon would have the game as a stop-start affair.

There were certainly some challenges that could have warranted a whistle, but the constistency of the reffing in this regard meant that the players knew they just had to get on with it.

Fish count was low, except for some signs, and didn't the Magyars' English lessons pay off with the constant second-half chants of "F*UCK OFF AUSSIE!" - at least until the second-goal anyway, when it went as quiet as every Sydney Stadium will be on 11 June:-)

written by Alan Clark