Australia v Ferencvaros by Keith Gilmour

Australia 0 - Ferencvaros 0

As Printed in Soccer World, February 15 1974 page 5

1 min : Peter Wilson pushes one across field in a tight defensive position and Istvan Szoke takes the first shot of the game, a deflection which Fraser easily holds.

3min : Australia's chance follows a long Richards throw into Ferencvaros' box. Geczi punches it away, and Baartz directs his shot a metre over the crossbar.

5 min : Rooney works a perfect move with Baartz and Alston, but the latter's offside runied a marvellous movement.

7 min : Ferencvaros apply the pressure through Szoke and Barikovits to force a corner.

11 min : Wilson stops Szoke with a no-nonsense tackle to give away a 25 metre freekick. Rooney conceeds the corner to relieve pressure.

14 min : Mate brilliantly turns the ball to round Wilson, but no-one is there to greet the cross.

15 min : Juhasz conceeds a corner from Richards' header. Peter Wilson is up for the action but his big forward jump brings a collision and a freekick against him.

17 min : Laszlo Branikovits is sent away up the right. He chops the ball into touch by mistake.

19 min : Utjesenovic sends a lovely ground ball to Ernie Campbell. Vepi's sudden acceleration robs Campbell of oopportunity and ball.

23 min : Branikovits fouls Warren, the ball comes through to Campbell, to Alston, who skies it off a Ferencvaros player for a corner.

25 min : A great reverse direction pass from Ray Baartz deep in midfield to the advancing Curran, but the Hungarian defence holds well.

30 min : Ferencvaros move well in left wing foray, Branikovits, Magyar and clever Ku doing the damage. Richards went in the Boskovic book for a foul on Ku.


1 min : Istvan Szoke had no trouble moving through the right wing, skewing a dangerous cross in amongst three of his own forwards. Jimmy Misavljevic excelled himself by scuttling down after the ball and pushing it out of danger.

6 min : Ernie Campbell who spent the first half passing, finally decided to take the defence on, and succeeded at attempt No. 1.

8 min : Rooney tried a long cross pass, but Richards just failed to capitalise on the advantage.

9 min : A long low shot from Baartz and seconds later Istvan Juhasz cuts off an attempt by Baartz to race clear in the centre.

11 min : Abonyi is the replacement for Richards as steady rain brings the umbrellas up.

15 min : Mate makes the Hungarians' first break so far. Feet first, Jimmy Milisavljevic saves to push the ball away for a corner.

16 min : Jimmy Mackay has the crowd with him when he tried a 35-metre "Hong Kong" special. Istvan Geczi makes a clean catch and it was all an anti-climax.

20 min : Branko Buljevic goes the wrong way after Abonyi tried one of his clever moves. The rain turns to torrents.

24 min : Mackay, Abonyi and Baartz streak away, but into the Hungarian cover defence.

25 min : Laszlo Branikovits gets a dangerous cross from the right, but Doug Utjesenovic heads away over the goal-line to kill the move.

29 min : Szoke steers past two men but Milisavljevic is there, and then Branikovits, in quick succession, misses the opening of the match.

33 min : Max Tolson, of all people, gets fouled twice running! Buljevic piledrives the freekick. It spills out of Geczi's arms, but not far enough ahead to give the menacing Aussie forwards a shot.

Written by Keith Gilmour