Czech Republic 3 - Australia 1

Well - I stayed up to watch the game last night and, boy, was I disappointed. Admittedly, I kept dozing off and might have missed the good bits, but what I did see was a serious mismatch. The Czechs were in a different class and lifted themselves only when absolutely necessary - I got the feeling that they were toying with us and could have scored at will.

What a pity we couldn't field a full strength team! especially at the back! Maybe Moore & Vidmar would have made a difference - two of the goals came from free headers from cross balls. Oh yeah! and who nailed Kalac's feet to the goal line.

The Aussie goal scored in the 89th minute was due to the worst piece of goalkeeping I've ever seen in an international match. The commentators raved about what a great cross it was - maybe they were swayed by the fact that it was just about the ONLY cross we managed to get over into the box - it was way too low and too close to the keeper. What a crime to have a class striker like Viduka and starve him of service all night - the big man ran himself into the ground and looked good when he got the ball, usually from his own efforts.

Come on Frankie! The games in Europe are a brilliant idea, but only if we field a competitive side - the first choices MUST be available.


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