Australia v Croatia by John Rathjen

Croatia 7 - Australia 0

Ok, this is destroying me and the only way to cope is to think positive. Ten good things about losing 7-0 to Croatia in an A international...

1) El Tel got the send-off he deserved.

2) Ante Seric didn't score.

3) Process of elimination for selection of future teams has been made easier.

4) Don't have to bother myself with thoughts of 'we should have been there' when I watch WC'98.

5) Tony Vidmar wasn't at fault this time.

6) It was Croatia, not Jamaica.

7) Question of whether there is any pride in the jumper as posed by Seric, Simunic and Kewell etc has been definitively answered.

8) We're still kings of Oceania.

9) At least our boys weren't on the piss like Gazza and Teddy.

10) If you take pride out it, the match was meaningless.

Nup...didn't work. I still feel shit.

Written by John Rathjen