Australia v Croatia by Ray Gatt

Croatia 7 - Australia 0

7-0 huh. Well David Hill and SocAus got what it deserved. Fancy agreeing to this meaningless match. What did they hope to achieve by playing it. I'dlike to make some points:

(a) The local guys were out of season and obviously unfit.
(b) We were never going to have an ideal preparation
(c) The overseas guys obviously stuffed from a tough season,
(d) El Tel could have given a s....
(e) No doubt Hill enjoyed his stay in another country he probably wouldn't have visited if he had not been SA chairman

If the reason for the game was to get Croatia to tour here next year well, what a waste of time.

If and when they do arrive they'll be minus their stars...and so will we so the game will be totally insignificant. Anyway, fancy letting them into the country after the Seric fiasco.

Still, instead of warning parents to "lock up your daughters because the Croats are keeping" we can replace it with "lock up your soccer stars, the Croats are coming!"

Written by Ray Gatt