Australia 0 - Chile 1

Awful, depressing performance. Our passing was ABYSMAL. And is there any truth to the legend that we last scored from a free kick when Jesus was a carpenter?

Still I think we can solve Carlton's crowd problems. Change name to Sporting Colo and import a Chilean. The crowd was at least 80-20 Chilean. I arrived 1.5 hours before the game to watch the youth match, and 80% of both grandstands were filled up.

6 defenders starting - Milan, Tobin, Horvat, DeAmicis, Hooker. I never saw DeAmicis the whole game. Hooker hardly got forward, and when he did get forward, he did jack shit. Only Milan and Tobin as always, impressed.

Midfield was never in it. The reason for a local as the next oz coach is obvious when somebody picks Bilokapic to play midfield. Gimme a break. That's a terrifying thought isn't it? SOMEBODY picked Bilokapic...

The number of crosses I can count on 1 hand, and most were from Lozza. Lozza had a good second up to the point where he got sent off. He can't play defence, can't tackle. He lost the ball in the 2nd, then did a forward roll with 3 twists. I laughed.

Mendez was crap, he's never impressed me and never will. Tapai was only marginally better.

Halpin came on for some stiff and really had a go at it. Although I wasn't impressed with his dribble from about 3 metres out when he had time to shoot.

Jonesy and Trimboli... not putting any blame on them after that midfield. Jonesy probably slightly better but not by much.

Good to see Emerton making his debut, but not even he can do anything with 15 minutes. His first few touches were poor. Saad looked okay too.

A good job they didn't have Salas or Zamorano, we would have lost 4-0. They were guilty of elaboration. Chile spent the last 10 minutes killing the clock.

Chile are a good team, but they can quit dragging their feet into our tackles? Or can we learn to dive?

Dunkers has had a go at the ref, I thought he was okay... Lozza deserved to go, we were putting in some dodgy tackles.

written by David Arnold