Australia 0 - Chile 1

Australia 0 v. Chile 1 (0-1) at Olympic Park 'pool' 8pm 7/2/98 off Optus Scorer: Careno 18th min.

In driving rain and soppy conditions the first half was probably the worst Australia has played since the Thomson era! The selection and formation was odd and they played that way. No cohesion in defence, no connection to midfield, and no service to the front. Chile took their chances well, and only a loan header by Trimboli off a Mendez cross looked dangerous. The Chile goal was dubious and probably off-side but the Horvat et al ball watching square at the back plunged me right down to the MCG nightmare! That stuff is garbage. Chile had a good goal disallowed.

The second half saw Australia matching Chile esp. with the input of Halpin and Lozanovski. Again however chances made are not goals scored and the better play did not give the result. Chile at least knew they had a game on their hands.

Referee: Connolly 1/10 (dreadful display), Crowd: maybe 12,000 Cards: 3 Chile including Careno YC and Rayhez? Red. 5 cards Oz - YC for Ivanovich, Bilokapic, Tobin, Halpin and a Red for Lozanovski. Team: Kalac, Ivanovic, Horvat, Bilokapic (Halpin 45), Tobin, Hooker, De Amicis (Lozanovski 45), Tapai (Emerton 75), Mendez (Trajanovski 52), Trimboli (Saad 52), Markovski.

Kalac   6   - had a solid game but a couple of risky challenges
Ivanovic 4 - maybe his last game as he was slow and made dodgy passes
Horvat 5 - except for his ball watching he had a fair game
Bilokapic 4 - poor bloke never had a chance playing in that defence
Tobin 4 - quite a poor game
Hooker 4 - exposed for skill on poor surface
De Amicis 5 - played OK and was unlucky to be subbed
Tapai 6 - tried hard and covered ground but could not link to forwards
Mendez 6 - had a purple 15 mins and then faded
Trimboli 6 - saw little of the ball but put himself around well.
Markovski 5 - got little service
Halpin 7 (half)  - put in more than he did for Breakers! Sparked some good
Lozanovski 7 (1/4) - really opened them up and made great crosses.
Emerton 6 (1/4)  - looked positive
Trajanovski 6 (1/4) - effective
Saad 6 (1/4) - effective
Team:  4/10  (1st half 2/10, second 6/10)

Well done Chile! In short a game I'd like to forget. I think I'll record over that tape!

written by Chris Dunkerley