Australia 0 - Brazil 2

]There has been little springs of life, but fans need to organise
]with Soccer Australia/IMG to get sectional seating for those who
]are prepared to make noise. Surely N.Spirit supporters would be
]willing to replicate their voices at Socceroo games. Possibly
]N.Spirit supporters and the like ready to make noise can be given
]special seating together at Stadium Australia.

We have tried and failed. The FA don't run the ticketing and the promoters won't do blocks of tickets to fans. The best we can do all try to sit together but given the last three disasters (FIFA, manU and Brazil) I'm not holding my breath for the next game.

And how did the Brazil fans get a huge block of seats, at the back???

]] Anecdotal evidence indicates that the new kit has sold quite well.
]] Why then, aren't there hat and scarves available also? Maybe there
]] are, but every time I look for an Australian scarf all I find is one's
]] with Wallabies on them.
]See above.
]] One of the saddest things I heard after the game, was that some of
]] the most passionate supporters I know (of Australia and football in
]] general) are seriously considering not coming to any more
]] Australian games for many of the above-mentioned reasons.
]That is sad, but they can't be serious!

They are. To be blunt I am one of them. I am fed up with the total lack of any idea from the FA and promoters just trying to make money from Football in this country. All the FA would have to do, is have a weekend summit, with several reps from the NSL teams supporters club so they can hear what the fans what. WIll they ever do it? don't be stupid.

When was the last time the FA made a media release outlining upcomming games, that mean somthing?

When was the last time we played a full international at home??? and no this Brazil serise is not a full International.

It's time for the old men who run the game in this country to stand aside and let some new blood in. In the same way Glory and Spirit have shown what can be achived in this country it's time for new, modern ideas for the national side.

finally I would say two-three years ago attending an Australia game in Sydney was a chance for around 100 singing people to meet up again. They came from Sydney,Wollongong and Newcastle. Since that November night in 1997 I have seen only a few of them at National games. I would suggest that even befor the Brazil tour, most hard core fans had given up hoping of a future.

written by Tancred Fergus