Australia v Brazil by David Marshall/TITLE> </HEADER> <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" TEXT="#000000"> <CENTER><H1>Brazil 6 - Australia 0</H1></CENTER> <HR SIZE=3> <P> Interestingly that wasn't anything like as bad as the effect of the Mighty Cheated result. We were well shafted by the boys from. They are good footballers and we let ourselves down in many ways. Probably our worst defensive effort (and not just because of the score) against the one side you can give no leniency. <P> Was the ref's decision on the Big V correct? Technically, yes amd Viduka did his country no favour with that pointless hack; but, perhaps another referee might, in view of the occasion, have been more merciful with a yellow. <P> The Brazilians have lots of other skills too. Even when dominating as they did, they still slowed down every Oz freekick in such a way as to avoid the ref's attention. They showed expertise in diving, For the penalty he was on the way down well before Bozzo went for the ball. What was he supposed to do? Stand back and leave it? He obviously decided to do that when the kick was taken, and I don't blame him at all. <P> Chris, my son, who was mad enough to drive over at 3.45 AM, pointed out at the end that the Brazilians just about never tackled one of our players to gain possession. They didn't need to. All that was needed was to wait for the inevitable poor control or misplaced pass. So sad after a fair showing to date. <P> How many of the goals might we have prevented with tighter marking on another day? Several IMHO. Probably the strain of so much football in such a short time, the pay dispute (Crhis reckoned they were protesting by never passing to a team mate for the whole game), the loss of Viduka, the occasion as well as the obvious Brazilian superiority all contributed to our worse international effort for a long time. <P> Anyone else feel John (tortuous) Helm just a little fulsome in his praise of Brazil. <P> Well now, my advice to the lads? Take the money and run! <P> <HR SIZE=3> <I>Written by David Marshall</I> </BODY>