Socceroo 1990 B Matches

Socceroo B Matches for 1990

Written by Greg Stock and Frank Scicluna. For more details see credits. Hajduk starting 11 supplied by Alex Madrigales

Australia played a series of two matches against visiting Russian club side Torpedo of Moscow.
Played : January 19 1990 Venue : Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney, Australia
Bob Catlin (Mark Bosnich 81'), Gary van Egmond, Alex Tobin (Robbie Hooker 14'), Charlie Yankos, Robbie Wheatley, Paul Wade (Zlatko Arambasic 78'), Ian Gray, Mike Petersen, Graham Arnold, Zlatko Nastevski (Abbas Saad 34'), Tom McCulloch
0 - 2 Torpedo (USSR)
Sarichev, Kalaychev, Kovash (Zhukov 53'), Atavlin (Afanasyev), Rogovskoi, Shostikov (Greghnyev 78'), Y Savichev, Alexander Gitsyelov, N Savichev, Shirinbekov (Grishin 66'), Agashkov
Goals : N Savichev 16' Gitsyelov 73'
Referee : Richard Lorenc (Australia)
Attendance : 7,424
Coach : Frank Arok (Australia)

Played : February 2 1990 Venue : Olympic Park, Melbourne, Australia
Robert Zabica (Phil Trianedes 69'), Gary van Egmond, George Jolevski, Charlie Yankos, Alex Tobin, Ian Gray (Mehmet Durakovic 70'), Zeljko Adzic, Mike Petersen (Paul Wade 76'), Aurelio Vidmar (John Markovski 69'), Paul Trimboli (Kimon Taliadores 67'), Graham Arnold
Goals : Tobin 19' Arnold 38' 46'
3 - 0 Torpedo (RUS)
Sarichev, Polvkarov, Zhukov (Agashov 39'), Rogovskoi (Kovach 53'), Grechnev, J Sarichev (Rudakov 59'), Gitselyov, A Savichev, Shirinbekov, Grishnin (Atavlin 74')
Referee : D Voutsinis (Australia)
Cautions : Tobin 61' (Australia) Shirinbekov 37' (Torpedo)
Attendance : 3,075
Coach : Frank Arok (Australia)

The Yugoslavian club Hajduk Split toured Australia in June and played two matches against the Socceroos. This was the first game in charge for new coach Eddie Thomson.
Played : June 3 1990 Venue : Sydney, Australia
Robert Zabica, Gary van Egmond, Alex Tobin, Charlie Yankos, Andrew Bernal, George Jolevski (Jean-Paul deMarigny 72), Paul Wade, Ernie Tapai (Paul Okon 87), Tommy McCulloch, Graham Arnold, Paul Trimboli (Tony Krslovic 61)
Goal : Trimboli
1 - 0 Hajduk Split (YUG)
(starting 11) M Pralija, M Hadiabdic, D Juakovic, Slaven Bilic, Nikola Jerkan, Igor Stimac, J Jelicic, A Mise, M Lalic, G Vucevic, M Mihic
Coach : Eddie Thomson (Australia), Luka Pruzovic (Hajduk Split)

Played : June 6 1990 Venue : Melbourne, Australia
Robert Zabica, Gary van Egmond (Robert Hooker 23), Alex Tobin, Charlie Yankos, Andrew Bernal, Mehmet Durakovic, Paul Wade, Ernie Tapai, Tommy McCulloch, Graham Arnold, Kimon Taliadoros (Paul Trimboli 53)
Goals : Yankos, Durakovic
2 - 2 Hadjuk Split (YUG)
(Lineup and scorers unavailable)
Coach : Eddie Thomson (Australia), Luka Pruzovic (Hajduk Split)

Under caretaker coach Les Scheinflug Australia were invited to participate in the Merlion Cup in Indonesia. Competing against the under 23 sides of various nations the Socceroos had a successful campaign and ended up winning the competition playing the host nation in the final (see A archive). There is some doubt as to whether this was actually the senior Malaysian team.
Played : August 20 1990 Venue : Sanayan Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia
Robert Zabica, Robert Hooker, Andrew Bernal, Tony Spyridakos, Mehmet Durakovic, Tommy McCulloch (Andrew Callanan 78), Paul Wade (c), Mike Petersen, Ernie Tapai, Tony Krslovic (Kimon Taliadoros 68), Warren Spink
Goals : Tapai, Taliadoros x2
3 - 0 Malaysia Under 23
(Lineup unavailable)
Coach : Les Scheinflug (Australia)

Played : August 21 1990 Venue : Jakarta, Indonesia
Indonesia Under 23
(Lineup unavailable)
0 - 7 Australia
Tony Franken, Alex Tobin, Andrew Bernal, Tony Spyridakos, George Jolevski, Tommy McCulloch, Paul Wade (c) (Mike Petersen 46'), Andrew Callanan, Jason van Blerk, Andrew Zinni, Kimon Taliadoros (Warren Spink 71')
Goals : Zinni x3, van Blerk x2, Taliadoros, McCulloch
Coach : Les Scheinflug (Australia)

Again there is some conjecture as to whether this was infact the full Thailand national side.
Played : August 23 1990 Venue : Jakarta, Indonesia
Thailand Under 23
(Lineup unavailable)
0 - 2 Australia
Robert Zabica, Alex Tobin, Andrew Bernal, Tony Spyridakos, Mehmet Durakovic, Tommy McCulloch, Paul Wade, Mike Petersen (Andrew Callanan 85'), Ernie Tapai, Warren Spink (Andrew Zinni 57'), Kimon Taliadoros
Goals : McCulloch x2
Coach : Les Scheinflug (Australia)