Socceroo 1986 B Matches

Socceroo B Matches for 1986

Written by Greg Stock. Thanks to John Punshon for the cross-referencing of data. For more details see credits.

Australia played a couple of exhibition games against Victorian All Stars and South Australian All Stars at the end of the domestic season of 1986. Frank Arok used these games as training runs to get his squad in shape for the matches ahead against New Zealand and China. The proceeds from these matchs went to charity. There is much conjecture as whether these two games are considered Socceroo appearances or not.
Played : October 22 1986 Venue : Olympic Park No 1, Melbourne, Australia
Jeff Olver (Tony Franken 70), Charlie Yankos, Wally Savor, Gary McDowall, Robbie Dunn (Alan Hunter 67), Graham Jennings, Peter Raskopoulos, Paul Wade (Serge Melta 46), Frank Farina (Ernie Tapia 57), Graham Arnold (Steve Maxwell 46), Chris Kalantzis (Andrew Zinni 46)
Goals : Dunn 31, Zinni 78
2 - 1 Victorian All-Stars
Yakka Banovic (Phil Trianedes 41), James (Scott Fraser 60), Theo Selemidis, Ian Dobson, Hannah (Faulkner 52), Josip Biskic, Don MacLaren (Lujic 70), Belic, Peter Tsolakis, Charlie Egan, Paul Lewis
Goal : Lewis 6
Referee : Chris Bambridge (Australia)
Attendance : 1,000
Coaches : Frank Arok (Australia), Brian Garvey (Victorian All-Stars)

Played : November 9 1986 Venue : Adelaide, Australia
Jeff Olver (Tony Franken), Wally Savor, Robert Wheatley, Charlie Yankos, Tom McCulloch, Paul Wade, Peter Raskopoulos, Serge Melta, Ernie Tapai, Steve Maxwell, Graham Arnold (David Lowe)
Goals : Maxwell, Yankos pk
2 - 1 South Australian All-Stars
(Lineup unavailable)
Coach : Frank Arok (Australia)

While Australia were in China for the Ampol Cup they played two games against local opposition following their Ampol Cup success.
Played November 25 1986 Venue : Canton, China
Canton (CHI)
(Lineup unavailable)
0 - 0 Australia
Tony Franken (Mike Gibson 46), Robert Wheatley, Russell Stewart, Alan Hunter, Tom McCulloch, Ernie Tapai, Gary McDowall (Graham Jennings 46), Serge Melta (Peter Raskopoulos 55), Andrew Zinni, Steve Maxwell, David Lowe
Coach : Frank Arok (Australia)

Played : November 28 1986 Venue : Shandong, China
Shandong Provence (CHI)
(Lineup unavailable)
0 - 2 Australia
Jeff Olver, Charlie Yankos, Wally Savor, Robbie Dunn, Graham Jennings, Peter Raskopoulos, Gary McDowall, Paul Wade, Frank Farina, Graham Arnold, Chris Kalantzis
Coach : Frank Arok (Australia)