1984 Australia Men's National Team Results
Researched by Thomas Esamie, Greg Stock, Kevin Christopher and Jean-Michel Cazal, Written by Greg Stock

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Friendly Matches | China

Sources: Soccer Action and ASF Annual Report.

Friendly Matches

Saturday November 3 1984
Beijing, China
Referee: Not Known
Attendance: 60,000
Lineup Included; Dayo Qiang Hushen
Coach: Not Known
Goals: Goalscorers Not Known
Terry Greedy, Wally Savor (Ian Gray), Charlie Yankos, David Ratcliffe (Peter Raskopoulos), Steve O'Connor, Graham Jennings, Joe Watson, Ken Murphy, Phil O'Connor, Marshall Soper (Frank Farina), John Kosmina
Coach: Frank Arok
Goals: Dayo Qiang Hushen Own Goal, Kosmina (x2)
The only full A international that Australia played in 1984 was against China during their end of season world tour. As part of fostering a solid relationship with their Chinese cousins the Socceroos incorporated China as part of their world tour and with sponsorship from Australian petroleum company Ampol played for what was hoped to be an annual event - the Ampol Cup.

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