Socceroo 1981 B Matches

Socceroo B Matches for 1981

Written by Greg Stock. Thanks to John Punshon for the cross-referencing of material. Additional info by Misha Miladinovic. For more details see credits.

The club side Dynamo Zagreb made a short tour of Australia in 1981. They took on the national side in Canberra which coach Rudi Gutendorf used as match practise for his World Cup qualifiers occurring over the next few months. As a side note in relation to Zlatko Krajncar his real last name is Krajncar, however all newspapers and official documents report him as Kranjcar, because his FSJ (Yugoslav Football Federation) Identification Card was misspelled, so he (un)officially became KRANJCAR.
Played : January 31 1981 Venue : Canberra, Australia
Greg Woodhouse, Steven Hogg, Steve Blair, Jim Tansey, Alan Davidson, Murray Barnes, Ken Boden (Peter Raskopoulos 81), Tony Henderson, Eddie Krncevic (Robert Wheatley 72), Gary Cole (John Spanos 63), Peter Sharne
Goals : Davidson 6, Sharne 29, Spanos 75
3 - 3 Dinamo Zagreb (YUG)
Zelimir Stincic, Milivoj Bracun, Velimir Zajec, Dragan Bosnjak, Marinko Kurtela, Dzevad Mustedanagic, Srecko Bogdan, Mladen Munjakovic, Marko Mlinaric, Zlatko Krajncar, Abid Kovacevic
Goals : Bracun 51, 64, Bosnjak 57
Referee : B Mee (ACT)
Attendance : est 7,000
Coach : Rudi Gutendorf (Australia)

Australia embarked on a short tour of Asia to play two World Cup qualifiers against Indonesia and Taiawan in August and September of 1981. In addition to that game the Australian side played a practise game against the Hong Kong club side Caroline Hill before their match against Taiwan on September 6. There are some statistical discrepancies in the Australian goalscorers in this match so any help in confirming these would be greatly appreciated.
Played : September 2 1981 Venue : Hong Kong
Caroline Hill (HK)
(Lineup unavailable)
0 - 6 Australia
Glen Ahearn (Brett Beves), Robert Wheatley (Howard Tredinnick), Oscar Crino, Steve Blair (Steve Calderan), Brett Woods, Jimmy Patikas (Dennis Colusso), Peter Raskopoulos, Paul Kay, Grant Lee (John Little), David Mitchell, Mark Koussas
Goals : Colusso, Raskopoulos, Mitchell x2, Koussas, Little
Coach : Les Scheinflug (Australia)