Socceroo 1973 B Matches

Socceroo B Matches for 1973

Written by Thomas Esamie, Jean-Michel Cazal and Greg Stock. Thanks to Kevin Christopher for the use of his personal material and John Punshon for the cross referencing of material. For more details see credits.

1973 was the year that Australia would be facing World Cup eliminators, so the Australian Soccer Federation arranged for the Bulgarian national side to tour for three games as a warm-up for these matches. The Bulgarians were the first European national team in Australia since 1969 and provided the Australians with high class opposition from which coach Rasic would be able to build up his team. The first game was played midweek in Sydney but still drew a large crowd to the Sports Ground. These games are unlikely to have been 'A' games since stars of the time Dimitar Penev, Christo Bonev and Gueorgui Denev and the national coach, Christo Mladenov, did not appear and the official 'B' coach was in charge. Hence these games appear in the 'B' archive
Played : February 14, 1973 Venue : Sydney Sports Ground, Australia
Ron Corry, George Harris, Peter Wilson, Manfred Schaefer, Bobby Hogg, Ray Richards, Jim Mackay, Ray Baartz, Adrian Alston, (Ernie Campbell), Max Tolson, Branko Buljevic
Goals : Buljevic 56, Tolson 72pk
2 - 2 Bulgaria
Rumen Goranov, Ilia Tchalev, Alexander Shalamanov, Vasselin Eugeniev, Dobromir Jetchev, Jeko Jelev, Georgi Vassilev, Dinko Dermendjiev, Atanos Mikhailov, Dimitar Yakimov (Yordan Stoikov 67'), Ivan Pritargov (Stefan Bogomilov 74')
Goals : Vassilev 31' Michailov 44'
Referee : Roger Lamb (AUS)
Attendance : 14163
Coach : Rale Rasic (AUS), Yoncho Arsov (BUL)

This match was the second of the three match series against the visiting Bulgarian side. Australias normally reliable defense was lethargic and made too many mistakes and the classy Bulgarians capitalised to make the game theirs. This was a friendly match.
Played : February 16, 1973 Venue : Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide, Australia
Ron Corry, Doug Utjesenovic, Peter Wilson, Manfred Schaefer, Bobby Hogg, John Warren, Jim Mackay, Ray Baartz, Max Tolson, Ernie Campbell (Adrian Alston), Branko Buljevic (Atti Abonyi)
Goal : Baartz 29
1 - 3 Bulgaria
Rumen Goranov, Ilia Tchlev, Alexander Shalamanov, Yordan Stoikov, Dimitrov, Kevork Tahmisian (Vasselin Evjeniev 70'), Tador Barzov (Dinko Dermendjiev), Jordanov, Georgi Vassilev, Ivan Pritargov (Atanos Mikhailov), Stefan Bogomilov
Goals : Bogomilov 22, Pritargov 27, Michailev 81
Referee : Tony Boskovic (Australia)
Attendance : 8,576
Coaches : Rale Rasic (AUS), Yoncho Arsov (BUL)

The third match in Melbourne saw the home side outclassed by the Bulgarians. The Bulgarians played great non-stop football with the side basically being the World Cup national team. Although the result was a losing one for Australia much was learnt from this three match tour and the series gave Rasic much hope for the World Cup elimination series that lay ahead. This was a friendly match.
Played : February 18 1973 Venue : Olympic Park, Melbourne, Australia
Jim Fraser, Doug Utjesenovic, Peter Wilson, Manfred Schaefer, Bobby Hogg, Jim Rooney, Jim Mackay, Ray Baartz, Ernie Campbell, Max Tolson, Branko Buljevic
0 - 2 Bulgaria
Rumen Goranov (Ignat Mladenov 86), Ilia Tchalev, Alexander Shalamanov, Vasselin Evjeniev, Dobromir Jetchev (Yordan Stoikov), Jeko Jelev, Georgi Vassilev (Todor Barzov 79), Dinko Dermendjev, Atanos Mikhailov (Stefan Bogomilov 60), Dimitar Yakimov (Kevork Tahmisian 67), Ivan Pritargov
Goals : Pritargov 22, Dermentgiev 57
Referee : Don Campbell (Australia)
Attendance : 9,204
Coaches : Rale Rasic (AUS), Yoncho Arsov (BUL)