Socceroo 1956 Matches

Socceroo Internationals for 1956

Written by Thomas Esamie and Greg Stock.
Thanks to Doug Butcher for his research. For more details see credits

Melbourne played host to the 1956 Olympics and with it the Olympic soccer tournament. Australia was forced to go into the tournament without a number of it's 'professional' players including defender Joe Marston and midfielders Tom Jack and Cliff Almond. Marston and Almond had just returned from playing professional football in the UK and in the eyes of the then amateur Olympic movement, both players were not considered to be amateur. Tom Jack was also considered professional having played league football in the United Kingdom. Australia's preparation was less than ideal although they surprised many with a spirited display in the first round match in front of a disappointing crowd. This was an Olympic Games Round One qualifying match.
Played: Tuesday November 27 Venue: Olympic Park, Melbourne, Australia
Ron Lord, Bob Bignall (c), John Pettigrew, George Arthur, Alwyn Warren, Cliff Sander, Bruce Morrow, Frank Loughran, Jack Lennard, Graham McMillan, Ted Smith
Goals: McMillan 26 pen, Loughran 61
2 - 0 Japan
Yoshiro Furukawa, Yasuo Takamori, Ryuzo Hiraki, Waichiro Omura, Michihiro Ozawa, Hiroaki Sato, Masanori Tokita, Masao Uchino, Shigeo Yaegashi, Tadao Kobayashi, Isao Iwabuchi
Squad listing
Referee: Reginald Lund (New Zealand)
Linesmen: Maurice Swain (New Zealand) & Robert Mann (England)
Attendance: 3,568
Coaches: Len Young (Australia), Shigemaru Takakoshi (Japan)

The second match of the Olympic tournament saw Australia line up against India with a spot in the semi-finals for the victor. Before the match there was much conjecture as to whether the Indian side could play without boots. After much official debate the Indians did indeed decide to play with boots on under the priviso that if any player suffered from foot cramp they would be able to remove their boots. Bad mistakes cost Australia any chance of advancing into medals contention. This was an Olympic finals match.
Played: Saturday December 1 1956 Venue: Olympic Park, Melbourne, Australia
Ron Lord, Bob Bignall (c), John Pettigrew, George Arthur, Alwyn Warren, Cliff Sander, Frank Loughran, Jack Lennard, Bruce Morrow, Graham McMillan, Ted Smith
Goals: Morrow 17, 41
2 - 4 India
Peter Ramaswarmy Thangaraj, Syed Khaja Azizuddin, Abdul Thazhatheri Rahaman, Marianna Kempiah, Mohammed Abdul Salaam, Noor Mohammed, Pradip Kuma Banerjee, Samar Banerjee, Neville D'Souza, J.Krishna Kittu, Muhamed Kannayan
Goals: D'Souza 9, 33, 50, Kittu 80
Referee: C.H.Wensveen (Indonesia)
Linesmen: Robert Mann (England) & Maurice Swain (New Zealand)
Attendance 7,413
Coaches: Len Young (Australia), Abdul Rahim Syed (India)
Squad listing
Attendance: 12,000

This match was organised after the Olympic tournament was over and the Indian side proved their win in Melbourne was no fluke. The heavier Australian players looked tired and were no match for an agile Indian outfit. This was a friendly match.
Played: Wednesday December 12 1956 Venue: Sydney Sports Ground, Australia
Bill Henderson, Bob Bignall (c), John Pettigrew, George Arthur, Alwyn Warren, Peter Stone, Frank Loughran, Jack Lennard, Colin Kitching, Graham McMillan, Brian Vogler
Goal: Vogler
1 - 7 India
Shanker Subramaniam Narayan (Peter Ramaswarmy Thangaras 50'), Syed Khwaja Azizuddin, Shaikh Abdul Latif, Marianna Kempiah, Mohammad Abdul Saleem, Noor Mohammed, Pradip Kumar Banerjee, Samar Banerjee, Neville D'Souza, J.Krishnaswamy Kittu, Muhammed Kannayan
Goals: P.K.Banerjee (x2), D'Souza (x2), Kittu (x2), S.Banerjee
Referee: Herbert Imlay (Australia)
Attendance: 3,000
Coach: Abdul Rahim Syed (India)