Socceroo B Matches 1937

Socceroo B Matches for 1937

Written by Greg Stock. For more details see credits

An England "amateur" side toured Australia after a six year negotiating period to get them here. The 'A' was thought impossible to bring to Australia so an English Amateur Team toured in their place. There is some conjecture as to whether these matches were A or B internationals but since the English FA don't recognise it as internationals we have placed them in the "other matches" archive. This was a friendly match.
Played : Saturday July 10 1937 Venue : Sydney Cricket Ground, Australia
Bill Morgan, Jack Evans,T Harris, Ray Bryant, Bill Coolahan, Jock Parkes, Roy Crowhurst, Jack Hughes, George Smith, Billy Price, Harold Whitelaw
Goals : Smith (x2), Hughes (x2), Price
5 - 4 England
AC Woolcock, GA Strasser, HS Robbins, JW Lewis, Bernard Joy, TH Leak, FW Collins, F Eastham, RJ Matthews, LC Thornton, LC Finch
Goals : Matthews (x2), Eastman (x2 incl a pen)
Attendance : 37,295
Manager : C Wreford-Brown (England)

This match was the second in a three match series played against an England amateur side. This game saw Australia defeated 0-4 and see England avenge their first defeat by one of their "dominion". This was a friendly match.
Played : Saturday July 17 1937 Venue : Exhibition Ground, Brisbane, Australia
Bill Morgan, George Smith, Ray Bryant, Jock Parkes, Parry, Jack Hughes, Billy Price, Bill Coolahan, Jack Evans, T Harris, Roy Crowhurst
0 - 4 England
AH Woolcock, GA Strasser, HS Robins, TH Leek, Bernard Joy, J Sutcliffe, WW Parr, JW Lewis, RJ Mathews, S Eastham, LC Finch
Goals : Not available
Attendance : 25,000
Manager : C Wreford-Brown (England)

This match was the third game in a three match series. The victory by Australia made the series a 2-1 win to the home side. This was a friendly match.
Played : Tuesday July 20 1937 Venue : Newcastle, Australia
Jimmy McNabb, Jack Evans, J McDougall, Bill Coolahan, J Davidson, A Murray, Jim Wilkinson, Jack Hughes, George Smith (c), Billy Price, A Teece
Goals : Smith (x3), Hughes
4 - 3 England
AC Woolcock, GA Strasser, HS Robbins, JW Lewis, TH Leek (c), J Sutcliffe, KC Collins, S Eastham, RJ Matthews, F Riley, FR Davies
Goals : Riley, Mathews x2
Attendance : 15,000
Manager : C Wreford-Brown (England)

At the end of the three games against the Australian National side, the England Amateur side played a match against an Australian XI at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
Played : Saturday July 24 1937 Venue : Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia
Australian XI
(Lineup incomplete) Bill Coolahan, Jim Wilkinson, George Smith (c), Jack Evans, Jock Parkes, Jack Hughes, Anderson
Goals : Smith, Hughes, Anderson
3 - 4 England
(Lineup incomplete) JW Lewis, WW Parr, LC Thornton, RJ Matthews, S Eastham
Goals : Thornton (x2), Matthews, Eastham pk
Manager : C Wreford-Brown (England)