Australia 0 - Italy 1

No words sung for the national athems...

So none of the Italian-Australian supporting Italy alone, sung because they didn't know the words...

Australian anthem, everybody sung. I reckon that's gotta be worth the admission price alone.

Australian and Italian support conflict? Yeah sure the stupid teenagers and older immigrants were there with their Italian, colours, but they never had a sniff of the support. They were totally drowned out by Australian support.

I couldn't help but mention the two Greek flags I saw. Just when you think you couldn't possibly see any worse, some dickhead brings a Greek flag to the Australia v Italy game. I am just trying to calculate the IQ involved in that one.

I was right on the very wing where that number 12 cheating bastard slapped the ball on to setup Italy's goal. Ref wasn't looking, and the f*ckwit Ukrainian linesman, was in lala land.

On the game, Italy are the most overrated team I have seen. I am hoping Italy finish top, and Korea get second in Group B, because Italy will get slaughtered. It looks as though Italy will probably avoid Brazil untl the final (if Italy get there), but Brazil will spank them silly.

I think Blanco/Santrac/Scheinflug have the right formation, it was great, possibly at the expense of attacking strength. Although Viduka and Curcija did all they could possibly do.

I am damn proud to be an Aussie, and not quite in despair just yet. The real panic kicks off in Sydney on Saturday night. Any oz-listees planning on meeting after the match?

Written by Markian Jaworsky