1996/7 National Youth League Southern Division Results

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NYL Southern Division results
Home TeamVAway Team
Saturday April 12 1997
Kingston Heath
Bentleigh Greens
Goals : Con Papettas, Nick Rossios, Panos Nickas
3 - 1 Thomastown Zebras
Goal : Nick Konstantos
Saturday April 12 1997
Falcons Park
Gippsland Falcons
Goals : Bill Mitroulas, Mauro De Luca, Dean Vella, Alex Halikias
4 - 2 Altona Magic
Goals : Pece Cergovski x2
Sunday April 13 1997
Olympic Village
Heidelberg United 0 - 6 Melbourne Knights
Goals : Joey Rajher x2, John Kalabric x2, Jason Vukadin, Ante Deak
Sunday April 13 1997
Wembley Park
Box Hill
Goals : Daniel Inchincolli, Anthony Mazzeo, Andrew Cowie
3 - 4 Green Gully
Goals : Tony Filice x2, Simon Spiteri, Zoran Trajkovski
Sunday April 13 1997
Victoria Park
Collingwood Warriors
VIS win on forfeit
0 - 3 Victorian Institute of Sport
VIS win on forfeit
Sunday April 13 1997
Knights Stadium
Melbourne Knights Colts
Goals : Ivan Razov x3, Jeff Sabol x2, Ivan Klarica, Ivan Kolceg, Mark Paleka, Steve Markovski
10 - 0 Springvale City
Wednesday April 16 1997
Chaplin Reserve
Sunshine Georgies
Goal : Lee Bickle
1 - 10 South Melbourne
Goals : Cameron Pino x3, Tambouras x3, George Goutzioulis x2, George Tzirtis x2, Tansell Baser