1996/7 National Youth League Southern Division Results

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NYL Southern Division results
Home TeamVAway Team
Friday February 14 1997
Kingston Heath
Bentleigh Greens
Goals : Stefan Oter, Nick Rossios, Chris Christou, Marco Maisano, Con Papettas, George Kokias
6 - 0 Collingwood Warriors
Sunday February 16 1997
Wembley Park
Box Hill 0 - 3 Heidelberg United
Goals : Goalscorers not known
Sunday February 16 1997
Green Gully Reserve
Green Gully
Goals : Dean Stafrace, Sal Paglia
2 - 4 Altona Magic
Goals : Zoran Petrevski (x2), Adrian Caniglia, Pat Arcuri
Sunday February 16 1997
Lakeside Stadium
South MelbourneGoals : Alfonso Opazo, Daniel Allsopp 2 - 1 Altona Magic
Goal : Blagojce Trpcevski
Sunday February 16 1997
Knights Stadium
Melbourne Knights
Goals : Mijo Trupkovic (x6), Branko Bacak (x5), Joey Rajher, Ante Deak, Jason Vukadin
14 - 0 Springvale City
Wednesday February 26 1997
Partridge Reserve
Thomastown Zebras 0 - 10 Gippsland Falcons
Goals : Nick Palamaras (x2), Joe Tricarico (x2), Mauro de Luca (x2), Hugh Gimenez, Archie Thompson, Dean Vella, Anthony Pardo
Wednesday February 19 1997
Chaplin Reserve
Sunshine Georgies
3 - 2 Melbourne Knights Colts