1996/7 National Youth League Southern Division Results

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NYL Southern Division results
Home TeamVAway Team
1997 Final Series
Elimination Final
Saturday April 26 1997 Falcons Park
Gippsland Falcons 0 - 1 South Melbourne
Goal : George Tzirtis 72'
Qualifying Final
Sunday April 27 1997 Knights Stadium
Melbourne Knights 0 - 6 Victorian Institute of Sport
Goals : Zoran Petrevski 1' 3' Lev Osman 37' Bill Petrovski 70' Grgo Saric 73' Michael Ferrante 84'
Preliminary Final
Sunday May 4 1997 Lakeside Stadium
South Melbourne 0 - 1 Melbourne Knights
Goal : B Bacak 55'pk
Grand Final
Sunday May 11 1997 Olympic Park, Melbourne
Victorian Institute of Sport
Goals : Billy Petrovski, Adrian Cuzuppe
2 - 3 Melbourne Knights
Goals : Festim Zekiri, Jason Vukadin, Branko Bacak