1996/7 National Youth League Results

These statistics were written for the Oz Soccer archive by Greg Stock who can be contacted via our credits page.I believe them to be accurate and have taken every care to make them so. I would appreciate any correction of errors detected by contacting me.

Northern Youth League Results
Home TeamVAway Team
Round Seventeen
played weekend of February 16 1997
Australian Institute of Sport - Bye
Newcastle Breakers - Bye
Wollongong City
Goals : Gordon (20), Whidgett (42, 69), Scott Chipperfield (51, 65)
5 - 2 Queensland Academy of Sport
Goals : McDermott (35), Bercibegovic (54)
Goals : Bosevski (28, 90)
2 - 0 N.S.W.Institute of Sport
U.T.S.Olympic Colts
Match result unknown
U - U A.C.T. Academy
Match result unknown
Sydney United Colts
Match result unknown
U - U Sydney United
Match result unknown
Match result unknown
U - U Marconi-Fairfield Academy
Match result unknown