Glory v Souths

Round 6 report by Gerry Prewett
Perth Glory v South Melbourne

Well by now you'd have had the details of the game, so I'll just add a few observations.

The size of the crowd. I was surprised it was over 18,000. There seemed to be room for more in The Shed. If it is possible and if Glory win next week, expect 20,000 at the next game v Adelaide Sharks (BTW is anyone coming over from the List?)

The first goal. Whilst it was not quite a gift, Danny Hay threw the entire defence off balance by giving the ball away whilst moving forward and under no challenge. A well taken goal.

Glory's equaliser. What a relief for us in The Shed. We all expected it to be 0-1 at Half Time, and there would have been no complaints. However s shot from the goal-line with, obviously, the very narrowest of angles sent The Shed into raptures.

Glory's winner, coming just 10 minutes into the Second Half, was the culmination of a great team move. Lots of inter-passing and a fine finish.

To be honest the view from The Shed is crap (and Mrs P insisted on demonstrating that the pepper grinder wasn't working during the only bit of the ABC news I was interested in tonight, BTW which team does this Sadaam Hussain play for?) and it's not always easy to see what is going on when the ball gets near goal. However the beer shampoo when Glory score is wonderful!

To all the South Melbourne fans out there, I can only say, "You wuz robbed". South Melbourne certainly had more of the ball and pressurised Glory well when Glory had possession. Having said that, it's a cliche but this game, unlike AFL where domination adds points to the tally and it's difficult to miss, is about scoring goals and Glory did the business. It was a pity that this game wasn't televised. It was a great advert for the EC.

As someone else wrote earlier there was a petition at the gate to Channel 7 complaining about their coberage. With an 18,000 gate there should be plenty of signatures!

Alan Clarke, do you want the programme for this game.

BTW Andrew Howe appears to have a regular column in the Glory programme regarding the history of the opposition. Do you do this for other publications Andrew? Were you approached by Glory or did you offer your services?

I met up with three fellow Gasheads (Bristol Rovers fans) before the game in the beer garden of the Brisbane Hotel where we gave a lustful rendition of "Goodnight Irene" to a bemused audience, it was brilliant. We were approached by a Manchester United fan who claimed there were more of us here than at the Rovers game yesterday. Cheeky sod!