Glory v Souths

Round 6 report by Jason Roberts
Perth Glory v South Melbourne

South Melbourne dominated the game from word go. For once the Glory put away all their chances. I heard on 6PR that the corner count was 14 to 2 in favour of SM.

Danny Hay had a day he'd rather forget, but I think he'd take his bad day with a Glory win.

Fausto Di Amicis, if anyone had any doubts about him, he's a quality player, numerous times he set up SM. A mate that came along for the first time thought Fausto was Junhinio because of the red boots he was wearing. When I said that he tried out for 'Boro he thought I was taking the piss.

SM will take alot away from this game, except the points, knowing that their squad is big, fast and capable. When I say big, Nick Orlic and Goran Lozanovsky are huge in height, Loza is huge in height and bulk. It is only when you see them live that you notice that.

Also heard on 6PR that Ernie Tapai had talks this morning with Roger Lefort, Glory GM, and was told his services were no longer required. Tim Adams mentioned Manfred was in town to sign him. Thats interesting.

One of the articles in the match day program, basically echoed our thoughts that we've posted many times about the Channel 7 coverage. It was good to see that Nick Tana was the one who wrote this. I think this is great leadership on his part. Lets hope the petition that has started can make an affect on Channel 7 management.

The Shed experience, there really is nothing like it. Today one guy had his handy cam in there, taping the game and the shed atmosphere. NOW I know for a fact you cant take video cameras into an AFL game. To Danny, the QPR man, if your out there I'd like a copy of that tape please.

AND my last ramble is.................there is another chap who hangs in the shed and is dead ringer for a young Johnny Warren, the hair piece stands out big time.