Olympic v Falcons

Round 6 report by Greg Stock
Sydney Olympic v Gippsland Falcons

I made the journey to Belmore rather than Wollongong primarily to see Adem Poric go around and I was not disappointed. An entertaining display by the former Wednesday midfielder was a highlight. He keeps running at the opposition defence and has some very good ballskills to compliment his fiery nature. I liken him to Stabber Marth in that he makes the big tackles and has no fear to take the ball forward and lay off an excellent ball then see it squandered by 'Stormin' Norman or his ilk.

I happened to sit behind Adrian Cervinski and his wife who was telling me he'll be back on the paddock about Xmas. The neck injury almost ended his career but he is out of a neck brace and training hard. Watch out Norman Tome!

Olympic have also signed Mehmet Durakovic after it appearaed certain he would go to Hellas. He got a rousing reception when he was presented to the crowd and Cervinski was telling me it appears he will play Sweeper for the club with the loss of Talliadoros for the season. General Manager Frank Martin took him out on the paddock and introduced him to the crowd.

The Olympic programme has also improved substantially - mind you it wasn't hard. Coops the new media guru of the club has taken on that role and produced an A4 type glossy mag which retails for a dollar. Not a bad read. Outside the ground there were plenty of sellers who also were flogging hats at $10 a throw.

The absence of the souvlaki BBQ and the usual greek guys selling nuts was a highlight though I did notice one guy walking around shouting in greek selling greek videos. I did also noticed he was apprehended and sent packing shortly later.

On the pitch it was an entertaining match. How the hell Norman Tome gets a start each week is beyond me. He looks completely out of his depth yet he scores goals. How is this so? Mark Brennan didn't get a run which was ashame while Gonzalez looked a little falt when he came on to replace Elias Augerinos in the second half - Auge also looked out of form in the wing back role of Kalantzis.

All in all a well deserved one point for the Falcons who lookd unlucky not to score a few times.