Carlton v Adelaide City

Round 2 report by David Graham Arnold
Carlton v Adelaide City

Ho hum we do it again. No change from last week's lineup which shellshocked Wollongong 4-0 with Sir Simon Scirea nabbing a hattrick. Media coverage has picked up as well from the disgraceful levels of two weeks ago. But the Sunday Age had not 1 word so they'll be getting a letter soon.

Also of interest was Vince Grella going over to Empoli to trial for 'em. Empoli? Yep that well known team, they are in Serie A so I guess they must be good.

The rumoured introduction of the cricket pitch into our equations did not eventuate nor did the rumours of Carlton moving to Olympic Park. I am sure that 90% of the Carlton 'support' would prefer playing at Bob Jane. Leon K of Fisting fame has heard no such rumours from the anal-retentive side of toon.

Atkinson	Roly		Colosimo	Sterg
Vlahos		Lubo		Marth		Bresciano
		Tricarico	Moreira

Ad scored first, Veart? on the right putting through a slider across goal where Mori casually considered his options before placing a well struck shot under Deano's shoulder. Where was Roly? Booking his ticket for Mexico?

The usual gameplan of knocking it wide is reduced by the tight marking of the City defence. They really are dogging our front men giving us no space or time. Moreira and Tricarico prefer playing with the ball in front of them and City have us well covered.

We fart around for the next 20 minutes before Stabber murders a City midfielder, Lapansky picks up the ball and sends in a screamer from 30? metres that dips wickedly going in off the post. Ole! Ole! Ole!

Atkinson then tricks his marker into diving in, knocks it past and goes for the line. The cross is of salivating quality (remember them?) and Moreira beats Tobin to the ball directing the header across Petkovic. Samba Man!

I am not convinced with this 442 formation we are lining up with. I've always thought a sweeper needed two markers to 'protect' him as he goes upfield. We have no left sided player, except Roly. Vlahos is a very bad winger, and Bresciano is wasted on the left. But Sir Simon Scirea got that famous hattrick last weegend and we eviscerated 'gong. Maybe. Halftime starts with Les Bleus having reverted a loss into a win.

Eddie K understands what I'm about and Vlahos and Bresciano frequently switch sides. Vlahos is a terribly selfish player, but plays well from the left in the second. He has major hands in Tricarico's 2 goles. I didn't see much of the first - because I was cussing Vlahos for a botched cross. Tricarico must have got to it somehow and when I switch my attention he is blasting the ball at the keeper, who saves once but not twice. Joey Trick!

Tricarico went in behind Moreira on another Vlahos cross, Moreira and the sun deceived Tobin who looked disgusted as the ball went past him and Tricarico headed the ball in just off the ground. A hard coupla weeks then Alex!!!?

(As I write this the NSL broadcaster in their sport news has details on two geriatric Americans running around on the tennis court, some details of the VicHealth and Syndey bike races, the barsketbarl but no football. It is strange that barsketball - also covered by your ABC - gets more news than football.)

Lennie blows for time and Carlton walk off to a standing ovation. I believe the ultimate in the NSL would be the Carlton playing at Perth Oval and getting paid by North Sydney money. Hmm think about that for a while.

So next week Spirit are still looking for their first points and they have more red cards than games played. Still I'm - and a lot of non soccer fans in general - are looking forward to seeing Arnie and Robbie. Even if Spirit's tactics seem to consist of Robbie running after the ball like a headless chicken. Doh! Give it to Keko... Spirit's younger players look pretty good - Bosnar, Wearne, Purdue, Cunico etc. Their older ones could look at the mirror for a few minutes.