Carlton v Marconi

Playoff match report by David Arnold
Carlton SC v Marconi-Fairfield

Carlton vs Marconi. At $36 for a seat and was it $25 for the priviledge of combatting the advances of Hypothermia, the crowd ended up as a joke. SocAus and Carlton should take note the East Gransdtand was about 5% filled, and yet the seating to the immediate right and left was 100% filled. Clearly, the punter does not want to pay $36 to watch a game of soccer (or Marconi, for that matter).

Having found myself, after Mother's day, last weekend's exploitation at South Melbourne, in a serious financial position, I was left with but no alternative to jump the fence. Psst. South side, roll under the second gate down from the glasshouse, throw your leather jacket over the barb wire and off you go. I did not throw my leather jacket over the wire and suffered as a result. Futher advancement into the strictly and jealousy guarded East Grandstand came via two advance spies, Leon and Tony. Cunningly drawing the attention of the steward, I was able to take my rightful seat.

The incredible Bresciano would be starting in place of Vince Grella. Someday, somebody will write a book about the rise of the incredible Bresciano from State league to big league to the big time. In just 5 months. Whatever doubts they have in Turin will be wiped away with his goal.

Marconi's name nicely corollates to that of Arsenal, eg "Boring, Borrrring Ars-en-al" "Borrrrrrring, Borrrrrrrrring, Mar-cone-i"

Marconi are simply the most boring team I have ever seen, and that includes such luminaries as Collingberg 96-97, Carringbush 3rds 98 and Australia 1990-1996. When they attack, it is with 3 players, on the counterattack, of course. They seem incapable of passing the ball around the opponents' last third. They prefer to send long balls for Francis to nod down and Maloney and Babic to chase. Wimbledon at their worst.

I can only ask - "Where is Michael Cunico?" Rumoured to be a great player in the making. Has he been overtaken by Carle? Fallen away? Russ?

Why do so many laud praise to Matic? League titles notwithstanding, his teams are invariably of the most boring type you could imagine. Collingberg features heavily in my nightmares. At Adelaide City, he had 4 international defenders, Foster and Mori. Anybody not winning titles with that sort of lineup...

The game itself was reasonably entertaining, as long as one did not include the first half. McDonald's 30 metre effort was a classic. Jonesy of course had to prove to Maloney he could do the same about 2 minutes later, which predictably went nowhere.

Otherwise Marconi were content to pack 5 in defence and 3 midfielders. Maloney, a player of some skill, might be better of with another coach, one who does not make him participate in 100m sprints all night.

I have never been convinced by David Cervinski. His cross 2 weeks ago to setup Jonesy was quality, and quality was his performance. Everywhere Awartife went, Cervinksi went. Any ball Awartife went for, Cervinski went for. Here and there, everywhere, was David Cervinksi. John Anastasiadis may want to look at a tape of the game.

We really picked up in the second as Marconi tired. Traj on the right was easily beating Renaud going both ways. Renaud last week almost won the game for Marconi on his own, but Traj would not let him anywhere. Another good game for the Trajster. Roly and Con may have an unpleasant week wondering where they are gonna play on Saturday.

Zoric (or Babic) was hauled down by Atkinson (or Lubo), on Marconi's most promising run of the night. Out for the GF. Teamwork pays off. Leon and Tony, supporting Hellas, were very happy.

Bresciano's goal looked like lightspeed. He must have taken out Babic or Longo, as well as Kim, who isn't exactly slow. Running onto a diagonal ball, then swivelling, stepping and shooting in the one motion. Couldn't be sure what happened, except we saw Bresciano shoot and score. Yibidiah Yibidah etc.

Onto next week, the 6th time, including preseason, the two teams have met. Souths have won 4 of them, Carlton won the other 5-0. The game in December, they cleared cheated on all 3 of their goals. Before the game, I was initially worried about our chances, especially with Roly and Con out - our 2 best defenders this year. Says it all I guess. If Marconi canna beat us with 2 defenders out, they donna deserve to be there.

So prediction wise I'm looking at 2-0 Carlton. Souths defence, a joke all year, cannot hold out for 3 straight weeks. Drinking commeces 4pm at the Arms.