1996 National Soccer League results
1996/1997 Season Round 03 Results
written by Thomas Esamie

Played (25/10/1996) Bruce Stadium
Referee : M Breeze, Crowd : 2651
Canberra Cosmos
Danny Milosevic, Paul Dee, David Milin, Richard Watson, Mladen Rogic, Michael Garcia, Norman Kelly, Lachlan Armstrong, Peter Buljan (Steven Howe 77), Vince Grella, John Koch
Goal : Kelly 45
1 - 3 West Adelaide
Michael Harkness, Hamilton Thorp, Jamie Perin, Robert Slager, Richie Alagich, Alex Castro, Pablo Cardozo (Andrew Borghetto 81), Con Kokkinoplitis, Nathan Day, Jim Tsekinis, Corey Artone
Goals : Hamilton Thorp 1, 56, Andrew Borghetto 84
The Cosmos stretch their losing streak to 3 from 3 and the knives are out for Mike Lyons, the coach. Admittedly the Cosmos have had struggles with injury and one of last seasons better players was playing against them today. That said Thorp played very well for the Adelaide side, the first goal a bit of a gift from young Danny Milosevic but the second a nice header from an acute angle. Lyons' catchword of the day is 'naive'.

Played (26/10/1996) Suncorp Stadium
Referee : D Crawford, Crowd : 3484
Brisbane Strikers
Clint Bolton, Glen Gwynne, Alan Hunter, Gary Phillips, Frank Farina, Sean Cranney, Troy Cranney, Rod Brown, Mark Battistin, Wayne Knipe (Andrew Brayshaw 64), Kasey Wehrman
Goals : Farina 45, Wehrman 62
2 - 1 Wollongong City
Brett Hughes, Alvin Ceccoli, Gary van Egmond, Matthew Horsley, Sonny Sevin, Lujpco Naumovski, Michael Reda (Richard Lloyd 70), Tony Perinich, Neil Harlock (Nick Joseski 65), Jason Connolly, Anthony Surjan
Goal : Horsley 73
It was a solid win for Brisbane over a side much improved from the Wolves of the previous season. Of course the highlight of the game was the goal celebration of teenager Kasey Wehrman who not only buried a 30m drive in Brett Hughes net but then did the forward flip in the tradition of Faustino Asprilla and Joe Max Moore. Matthew Horsley did well with his goal, a neat chip over the keeper, and in the end the goal from the old campaigner and current Brisbane player manager Frank Farina proved the difference. Despite the Wollongong surge (inspired by the Horsley goal) his experience, and some fine defending, won out.

Played (26/10/1996) Falcons Park
Referee : G. Connolly, Crowd : 2630
Gippsland Falcons
Jim Kourtis, Doug Marcina, Claudio Canosa, Marcus Stergiopoulos (Mark Foy 67), Steve Mangos, Nick Palamaras, Eddie Krncevic (Hugo Giminez 78), Alex Duric (sent off 70), Clayton Bell, Billy Wright (Esala Masi 60), William Hastie (sent off 68)
Goals : Duric 11, 16
2 - 2 Marconi-Fairfield
Bob Catlin, Robert Stanton, Luke Casserly (Paul Souris 67), Andrew Harper, Bradley Maloney, Andrew Ravanello, Aaron Holst, Dominic Longo, Francis Awaritefe, Brendan Renaud, Vlado Zoric (Sean Babic 73)
Goals : Holst 38, Maloney 66
Missed this one completely. I guess Gippsland defended well in the last 20 minutes :-).

Played (26/10/1996) Breakers Stadium
Referee : S Micallef, Crowd : 3750
Newcastle Breakers
Liam Baker, Shane Pryce, Glen Sprod, Robert Ironside, Scott Thomas, Clayton Zane, Troy Halpin, Todd McManus, Jason Bennett (Harry James 65), Mark Wilson, Matt Austin
Goal : Wilson 26
1 - 3 Perth Glory
Tom Maras, Vladimir Beretovac, Craig Naven, Vinko Buljubasic, Gareth Naven, Scott Miller, Paul McVittie, Paul Strudwick (Vasili Kalageracos 80), Slobodan Despotovski, Doug Ithier, Dale Wingell (Gavin Wilkinson 66)
Goals : Strudwick 31, Despotovski 33, 82
The Glory get their first ever win in the NSL and in the process show that my predictions of seeing Perth finish with the wooden spoon are looking very shaky indeed. While Perth showed some fierce determination Newcastle coach John Kosmina lamented "I can't make a player desperate" underlining what he felt to be a lack of commitment.

Played (13/11/1996) Hindmarsh Stadium
Referee : E Lennie, Crowd : 2507
Adelaide City
Michael Petkovic, Bradley Armour, Milan Ivanovic, Alex Tobin, Angelo Costanzo, Dino Mennillo, Bradley Hassell, John Gibson, Michael Musitano (Joe Barbaro 54), Mark Brazzale, Kosta Salapasidis (Michael Brooks 78)
Goals : Mennillo 12, Hassell 82
2 - 1 South Melbourne
Michael Petkovic, Alex Kuzmanovic, Con Blatsis, Jason Polak (Bill Damianos 65), Steve Panopoulos (David Clarkson 56), Vaughan Coveny, Paul Trimboli, Warren Spink (Michael Curcija 74), Steve Iosifidis, Ivan Kelic, Fausto DeAmicis
Goal : Curcija 83
This game was one of 3 this round to be rescheduled due to Australia's Intercontinental Cup qualification match against Tahiti. Adelaide score their first goals for the season in this game and get themselves a win in return. Bradley Hassells move deeper into the midfield seemed to give the Zebras the spark that they had been lacking for the season so far and while South Melbourne played well enough to create chances they only converted one late in the game on a break with a shot from a tight angle.

Played (23/12/1996) Victoria Park
Referee : E Brazzale, Crowd : 1000
Collingwood Warriors
Frank Juric, Dean Fak, Alan Scott, Joe Vrkic, Leigh Tsoumerakas (George Jolevski 61), Carlo Talladira, Goran Lozanovski, Mark Silic, Andrew Vlahos (Peter De Iorio 46), Kimon Taliadoros, Brian MacNicol
0 - 0 UTS Olympic
Anthony Franken, David Barrett, Adam Ciantar, Scott Baillie, Peter Tsekenis, Norman Tome (Elias Augerinos 46), Alistair Edwards, Brett Emerton, Kris Trajanovski, John Angelovski, Milan Blagojevic
This game was one of 3 this round to be rescheduled due to Australia's Intercontinental Cup qualification match against Tahiti. The game suffered because the players had just participated in round 11 games that weekend and perhaps both sides were happy to get that 1 point. More than either got in round 11. Collingwood managed the better of the attacking play though Brett Emerton hit the crossbar in the second half in the most gilt edged chance either team had to win it. Incidentally Joe Vrkic came from Sydney United in a mid season transfer and this was his first start for the Warriors.

Played (6/11/1996) Sydney United Sports Centre
Referee : B Hugo, Crowd : 2000
Sydney United
Zeljko Kalac, Robert Trajkovski, Velimir Kupresak, Tony Popovic, Mark Babic, Robert Enes (Mark Rudan 82), Ante Moric, Kresimir Marusic, Ante Milicic, David Zdrilic, Paul Bilokapic (Damir Cvetko 55)
Goals : Kupresak 58, Zdrilic 64, Cvetko 92
3 - 1 Melbourne Knights
Vilson Knezevic, David Cervinski (Ivan Duzel 68), Zoran Markovski, Andrew Marth, Joe Simunic, Lubomir Lapsansky, John Markovski (Arthur Tsirtsakis 74), Ice Kutlesovski (Mijo Trupkovic 82), Damian Vojtek, Tom Pondeljak, Ransford Banini
Goals : Kutlesovski 51
This game was one of 3 this round to be rescheduled due to Australia's Intercontinental Cup qualification match against Tahiti. When it was played Sydney United again scored 3 times but only managed to look like the better side once Damir Cvetko took to the field and it was the veteran Kupresak who managed to score with some hybrid overhead/boot-it type kick over his shoulder. Can't blame Knezevic for not seeing that coming. That took the wind out of Melbourne's sails and while they created chances before they failed to threaten after.