1995 National Soccer League results
1995/1996 Season Round 10 Results
written by Thomas Esamie

Played (1/12/1995), Breakers Stadium
Referee : Mark Shields, Crowd : 2,822
Newcastle Breakers
Craig Carter, Ralph Maier, Steve Hickman, Adam Sanderson, Craig Sharpley, David Lowe, Clayton Zane (Harry James 57), Damian Brown (Jason Bennett 81), Glenn Moore (Scott Thomas 69), Shayne Pryce, Glenn Sprod
Goal : Brown 66
1 - 2 Wollongong City
Brett Hughes, Bill Gjakovski, George Jolevski, Martin Bourke, Mathew Horsley, Lupcho Naumovski, Pedro Ricoy, Tony Perinich (Colin Luff 85), Robbie Middleby (Mineo Bonetig 71), Mathew Dihm, Mario Jerman (Angelo Petratos 82)
Goals : Perinich 33, 51
A solid display from Wollongong and Perinich is certainly developing into a fine player, which is unusual for Wollonong. The home fans were also given something to cheer about when Brown scored a specatcular goal when he volleyed a high cross into goal. It was a van Basten v USSR EC88 goal except the angle was not as tight and the angle reversed.

Played (2/12/1995), Falcons Park
Referee : Cain Naumcevski , Crowd : 4,126
Morwell Falcons
Jim Kourtis, Doug Marcina, Warren Spink (Bobby Despotovski 65), Claudio Canosa, Sean Douglas, Ernie Tapai, Scott Miller, Sonny Sevin, John Waddell, Brian Bothwell, Michael Reda (Marcus Stergiopoulos 69)
0 - 4 Adelaide City
Jason Petkovic, Mark Yates (Dino Mennillo 73), Bradley Armour, Milan Ivanovic, Alex Tobin, Damian Mori, Jamie Perin, Bradley Hassell (Angelo Costanzo 82), Joe Mullen, John Gibson, Goran Lozanovski (Kosta Salapasidis 77)
Goals : Mullen 43, Mori 63, 89, Hassel 72
Hot on the heels of Adelaide City's midweek demolition of Brisbane the high flying Falcons got a taste of Adelaide's continuing good form after holding them out for a half of football. With his two goals Damien Mori went to a tally of 9 goals and is leading the list comfortably from a glut of players on 5 and 4 goals for the season so far.

Played (2/12/1995), Suncorp Stadium
Referee : Shaun Micallef, Crowd : 3,793
Brisbane Strikers
Clint Bolton, Chris Zoricich (sent off 86), Mark Battistin, Jason Polak, Sean Cranney, Danny Wright, Gary Phillips, Steve Jackson, Troy Cranney, Rod Brown, Glenn Gwynne
Goals : Wright 33, Brown 61, Battistin 63
3 - 0 South Melbourne
Dean Anastadiadis, Con Blatsis (sent off 80), Con Anthopoulos (Steve Panopoulos 71), Mike Valkanis, Alek Kuzmanovic, Paul Trimboli (Craig Lewis 67), Vaughan Coveny, Daniel Allsopp, Ajim Sherifovski (Bill Damianos 68), Alan Davidson, Mike Petersen
Even without Farina and Hunter Brisbane were able to beat a hapless South Melbourne who, with this result, make themselves acquainted with the bottom of the league table.

Played (2/12/1995), Marconi Stadium
Referee : Con Diomis, Crowd : 8,196
Bob Catlin, Gary van Egmond, Dominic Longo, Robert Stanton, Jean-Paul DeMarigny (Brendan Renaud 79), Brad Maloney, Paul Souris (Vlado Zoric 62), Eric Hristodoulou (Luke Casserly 87), Michael Smith, Francis Awaritefe, Andy Harper
Goal : Renaud 72
1 - 1 Sydney United
John Perosh, Mark Babic (Mark Rudan 63), Velimir Kupresak, Tony Popovic, David Zdrilic, Robert Enes, Aytec Genc, Paul Bilokapic, Ante Milicic, Ante Moric, Manis Lamond (Richrad Plesa 80)
Goal : Bilokapic 22
Local derbies are always interesting affairs and this one was more than most. Just about everything centered on John Perosh who distinguished himself and needed to as he was kept busy for most of the night. It was surprising then that United got the lead from a break which Bilokapic was able to take full advantage of. Perosh then pulled off a string of superb saves from a pressing Marconi but was knocked senseless when Awaritefe and Kupresak contested a ball which Perosh had flung himself to the ground to claim for himself. Amazingly the play continued for a little while which incensed the United players and caused a nasty scuffle between the players and required ground security to intervene. As no reserve keeper was available a groggy Perosh continued the game and Renaud, only minutes after coming on, was able to capitalise for the Marconi equaliser.

Played (3/12/1995), Hindmarsh Stadium
Referee : Eugene Brazzale, Crowd : 3,663
West Adelaide
Peter Blazincic, Richie Alagich, Con Kokkinoplitis, Robbie Slager, Robert Hooker, Frank Tibaldi (Ayrton Andrioli 80), Pablo Cardozo, Ross Aloisi, Athan Lekkas, Jim Tsekinis (Jose Iriate 66), Hamilton Thorpe
Goals : Cardozo 13, 17, Aloisi 26
3 - 1 UTS Olympic
Mike Gibson, Dave Barrett, Nick Orlic (Chris Slater 46), Adam Ciantar, Peter Tsekenis, Norman Tome, Kris Trajanovski, Walter Ardone, Elias Augerinos (Joe Bacak 46), Nick Meredith, Milan Blagojevic
Goal : Tome 60
West Adelaide were able to win the game within the first half hour and eased off. Though the Tome goal was by no means a soft goal. Tome drilled home a free kick from outside the area and left Blazincic grasping air as it whistled past him and into the net.

Played (3/12/1995), Melbourne Croatian Sports Centre
Referee : John Fraser, Crowd : 4,532
Melbourne Knights
Frank Juric, Vinko Buljubasic, David Cervinski, Andrew Marth, Joe Spiteri, Lubomir Lapsansky, Damian Vojtek, Oliver Pondeljak (Ice Kutlesovski 78), Ante Kovacevic (Tom Pondeljak 56), John Markovski, Damien Grganovic
Goal : Spiteri 35
1 - 3 Canberra Cosmos
Steve Mautone, Paul Dee, John Koch, Jason Dunn, Paul Wade, Michael Garcia, Norman Kelly, Toplica Popovich, Michael Musitano, Marko Perinovic, Lachlan Armstrong
Goals : Wade 3, Perinovic 13, Musitano 78
Upset of the season so far. Goals from corners in the first 15 minutes absolutely dumbfounded the home crowd and even the slight hope given to Knights fans by Joe Spiteri's goal was snuffed out when the outstanding Musitano got the goal he deserved when he beat Juric at the near post after an excellent display of individual skill.
Match report by Nick Guoth