1995 National Soccer League results
1995/1996 Season Round 07 Results
written by Thomas Esamie

Played (10/11/1995) Falcons Park
Referee : G Connolly, Crowd : 2500
Morwell Falcons
Jim Kourtis, Doug Marcina, Alex Cummings, Scott Miller, Ernie Tapai, Sonny Sevin, John Waddell, Slobodan Despotovski, Brian Bothwell, Michael Reda (Marcus Stergiopoulos 75), Sean Douglas (David Craig 89)
Goals : Despotovski 34
1 - 0 Newcastle Breakers
Craig Carter, Ralph Maier, Steve Hickman, Adam Sanderson (Shane Pryce 77), Andy Roberts, Gary Wilson, Craig Sharpley, David Lowe (Damian Brown 45), Troy Halpin, Clayton Zane, Glenn Sprod
While Morwell clearly dominated this game Newcastle can claim some sort of pride from keeping the score so low. Infact had it not been for a poor defensive error (as opposed to a rich one) they might even have sneaked a point. As it was a wayward pass across the back was intercepted and went to Depotovski whose first shot went straight into the keeper but luckily for him straight back at him and he made no mistake the second time. Newcastle had few chances and the ones they did get were squandered away, special mention to David Lowe for spooning a shot over the bar when scoring would have been rather easier.

Played (10/11/1995) Brandon Park
Referee : B Hugo, Crowd : 3127
Wollongong City
Brett Hughes, Billy Gjakovski, George Jolevski, Martin Bourke, Steve Forshaw (Stuart McLaren 45), Lupco Naumovski, Matthew Horsley (Angleo Petratos 82), Pedro Ricoy, Tony Perinich (Colin Luff 80), Robert Middleby, Richard Lloyd
Goals : Perinich 18, Naumovski 50
2 - 0 Marconi-Fairfield
Bob Catlin, Robert Stanton, Jean Paul DeMarigny, Andrew Harper, Eric Hristodoulou (Darren Iocca 80), Paul Souris, Ramon Climente (Brad Maloney 45), Mike Smith, Aaron Holst, Paul Beltrame (Andrew Ravanello 60), Francis Awaritefe
A brilliant double save by Brett Hughes from Awaritefe in the opening minute of play belied the final outcome as Marconi seemed set to give Hughes far more work than he could deal with. However it was a Horsley cross cut back by Bourke which allowed Middleby and Perinich to exchange passes before the latter scored. Naumovski grazed the woodwork with a free kick before he bent Middleby's pass past Catlin to make Marconi pay for their poor form.

Played (11/11/1995) Bruce Stadium
Referee : C Naumcevski, Crowd : 3210
Canberra Cosmos
Steve Mautone, Paul Dee, John Koch, Richard Watson, Jason Dunn, Paul Wade, Norman Kelly, Michael Garcia, Michael Musitano, Marko Perinovic, Lachlan Armstrong
Goal : Wade 93
1 - 1 West Adelaide
Peter Blazincic, Richard Alagich, Con Kokkinoplitis, Robert Slager, Robert Hooker, Pablo Cardozo, Ross Aloisi, Brako Milosevic (Rechat Mezensof 79), Ayrton Andrioli, Jim Tsekinis, Nathan Day
Goal : Cardozo 90
Michael Musitano was Canberra's offensive threat whereas the Sharks were a little more patient and indirect in their build up. Which makes one wonder whether there isn't something about the Argentine and British coaches influencing the style :-). Either way there were no goals at least not for a long time. When it did come it was long ball tactics which paid off for West Adelaide, sneaking in behind the defence and cutting the ball back invitingly to a host of players streaming forward it seemed Elvis had got the winner. Not so as in injury time a corner was converted when Paul Wade got a slight touch to a Perinovich header to claim a goal and the draw for the Cosmos. This was Branko Milosevic's first game after walking out on Olympic about a week ago.
Match report by Nick Guoth

Played (12/11/1995) Leichhardt Oval
Referee : S Micallef, Crowd : 5213
UTS Olympic
George Bouhoutsos, David Barrett, Nick Orlic, Adam Ciantar, Nick Meredith, Milan Blagojevic, Walter Ardone, Peter Tsekenis (George Sorras 86), Norman Tome (Joe Bacak 62), Kimon Taliadoros (Elias Augerinos 58), Kris Trajanovski
Goals : Tome 1, Taliadoros 54, Trajanovski 56, Bacak 65
4 - 2 South Melbourne
Michael Lilikakis, Con Anthopoulos, Steve Mangos, Mike Valkanis (Tansel Baser 17), Alex Kuzmanovic, Steve Panopoulos (Sasa Nikolic 79), Bill Damianos, Mike Petersen, Paul Trimboli, Agim Sherifovski, Ivan Kelic (Craig Lewis 68)
Goals : Panopoulos 67, Sherifovski 87
Olympic continue on their decidedly unexpected successes and it took less than 60 seconds for them to break through the Souths defence with Tome left-footing from just inside the box. Tsekenis scored an offside goal and Tome hit the woodwork to emphasise Olympic's dominance, it took until the second half for Taliadoros to beat the offside trap with an Ardone through ball and win the one-on-one with Lilikakis. Trajanovski succeded with a header where Tome's overhead kick hit the crossbar from a Taliadoros cross to make it 3-0 and Bacak poked in a cross before Panopoulos flicked the ball over Bouhoutsos. Sherifovski got the score to look halfway decent with a one-two taking out a tiring Olympic defence.

Played (12/11/1995) Sydney Croation Sports Centre
Referee : C Diomis, Crowd : 5211
Sydney United
John Perosh, Velimir Kupresak, Tony Popovic, Mark Babic, Robert Enes (Mark Rudan 89), Aytec Genc (Dominc Usalj 85), Ante Moric, David Zdrilic, Ante Milicic, Paul Bilokapic, Richard Plesa (Zeljko Babic 50)
Goals : Zdrilic 49, Z Babic 64
2 - 0 Melbourne Knights
Frank Juric, Vinko Buljubasic, Fausto DeAmicis, David Cervinski, Andrew Marth, Mark Silic, Lubomir Lapsansky, Joe Spiteri (Oliver Pondeljak 63), Danny Tiatto (Ice Kutlesovski 76), Ante Kovacevic (Damir Grganovic 73), John Markovski
A tight first half saw both teams stretched defensively with no real breakthrough but United with the better chances, their attack bolstered by the inclusion of Aytec Genc who has returned from his stint in Malaysia. A looping cross from Milicic was poorly read by the keeper who ran off his line only to see Zdrilic half volley the ball in front of him and guide it over the line he'd recently left for the opening goal. It was another cross this time more orthodoxly converted with a header by Babic which sealed the Knights fate and improve the United Goals For ratio.

Played (29/11/1995) Hindmarsh Stadium
Referee : J Papanicolas, Crowd : 2000
Adelaide City
Jason Petkovic, Sasha Nedeljkovic (Dino Mennillo 18), Mark Yates, Milan Ivanovic, Alex Tobin, Damian Mori, Bradley Hassell, John Gibson (Joe Mullen 46), Goran Lozanovski (Kosta Salapasidis 61), Jamie Perin, Bradley Armour
Goals : Mori 27, 40, Mullen 54, 90, Tobin 45 pk, Mennillo 60, Hassell 76
7 - 0 Brisbane Strikers
Clint Bolton, Chris Zoricich, Steve Jackson, Gary Phillips (Chay Hews 62), Jason Polak, Rod Brown, Troy Cranney, Danny Wright (Brad Ditton 62), Sean Cranney, Andrew Brayshaw (sent off 51), Mark Battistin (Craig Williams 73)
This match was rescheduled as the date clashed with the running of the Adelaide Formula 1 Grand Prix.