Australian Soccer

1995-96 Playoff Series Matches

The top six teams of the regular season meet in matches as shown in home and away legs. Matches marked '1', '2' and '3' are single elimination games, winner of Match 3 is crowned Champion of the 1995-96 season.

Marconi v Melb Knights------------Knights---------------------3_____Knights
                      \____Marconi______________              /
Ad City v UTS Olympic  --Adelaide_              /
Sydney Utd v Brisbane  --Sydney___/

(played 5/5/1996)
Melbourne Knights	1	-	Marconi-Fairfield	0
(Adrian Cervinski 62)

MK : Juric, DeAmicis, D Cervinski, Z Markovski, Simunic, Lapsansky,
     Spiteri (J Markovski 81), Tiatto (sent off 56), Kovacevic,
     A Cervinski (O Pondeljak 84), T Pondeljak (Buljubasic 74)

MF : Catlin, van Egmond, deMarigny (Stanton 30), Bingley, Casserly (Holst 78),
     Harper, Hristodoulou, Maloney, Awaritefe, Souris, Renaud (Zoric 59)

(played 11/5/1996)
Marconi-Fairfield	2	-	Melbourne Knights	2
(Eric Hristodoulou 50)			(Tom Pondeljak 22)
(Brad Maloney 62)			(David Cervinski 35)

MF : Catlin, van Egmond (Holst 46), Souris, Stanton, Casserly, Maloney,
     Zoric, Hristodoulou, Renaud (Angelucci 73), Awaritefe (Bingley 46),

MK : Juric, Buljubasic (Vojtek 58), D Cervinski, Simunic, De Amicis,
     T Pondeljak, Lapsansky, Z Markovski, Kovacevic (Nastevski 75),
     Spiteri, A Cervinski (O Pondeljak 68)

[Melbourne Knights progress to grandfinal (match '3') Marconi will face the
 winner of the playoff between the 4 other teams in the hunt for the title.]

(played 5/5/1996)
Adelaide City		2	-	UTS Olympic		0
(Bradley Hassell 6, 48)

AC : Petkovic, Yates, Ivanovic, Tobin, Mori, Hassell, Costanzo, Armour,
     Mennillo, Brazzale (Perin 73), Foster

UO : Gibson, Barrett, Ciantar, Tsekenis, Taliadoros (Poimer 65), Trajanovski,
     Tome (Augerinos 75), Ardone (Zelic 81), Meredith, Baillie, Edwards

(played 12/5/1996)
UTS Olympic		0	-	Adelaide City		1
					(Dino Mennillo 70)

UO : Gibson, Barrett, Ciantar, Baillie, Meredith (Tome 37), Ardone,
     Trajanovski, Tsekenis, Taliadoros, Poimer (Ironside 61),
     Edwards (Augerinos 74)

AC : Petkovic, Yates, Tobin, Ivanovic, Armour, Costanzo, Foster, Mori,
     Mennillo (Iandorio 87), Brazzale (Perin 74), Hassell (Salapasidis 75)

[UTS Olympic are eliminated from the playoffs and Adelaide meet the winner
 of the Sydney United - Brisbane Strikers tie.]

(played 5/5/1996)
Sydney United		2	-	Brisbane Strikers	0
(David Zdrilic 13)
(Ante Moric 59)

SU : Perosh, Trajkovski, Kupresak, Popovic, M Babic, Enes, Moric, Markovac,
     Milicic (S Babic 58), Zdrilic, Lamond (Gibson 88)

BS : Bolton, Williams, Hunter, Jackson, Phillips (Wright 64), Farina,
     Brown (Battistin 83), Polak, T Cranney, S Cranney, Gwynne

(played 11/5/1996)
Brisbane Strikers	1	-	Sydney United		2
(Frank Farina 44)			(Manis Lamond 83)
					(Ante Moric 87)

BS : Bolton, Williams, Hunter, Jackson, Phillips, Farina (sent off 45),
     Polak, Brown, Wright (Battistin 45), T Cranney, Gwynne (Hews 83)

SU : Perosh, Trajkovski, Kupresak, Popovic, M Babic, Enes (Gibson 81),
     Moric, Markovac, Milicic (S Babic 70), Zdrilic, Lamond

(played 15/5/1996)
Adelaide City		1	-	Sydney United		0
(Bradley Armour 44)

AC : Petkovic, Yates, Ivanovic, Tobin, Mori, Costanzo, Armour, Mennillo,
     Brazzale, Foster, Perin (Salapasidis 72)

SU : Perosh, Trajkovski, Kupresak, Popovic, Markovac, Milicic, Gibson,
     Patikas (S Babic 68), Zdrilic, Lamond (Rudan 77), Bilokapic

[A badly cleared cross fell to Brad Armour and he promptly tucked away
 the only goal of the game to eliminate Sydney United and assure Adelaide
 of a game against Marconi.]

(played 19/5/1996)
Marconi-Fairfield	4	-	Adelaide City		1
(Brendan Renaud 3)			(Alex Tobin 43 pk)
(Brad Maloney 4, 79)
(Francis Awaritefe 31)

MF : Catlin, Bingley, Longo, Souris, Stanton, Renaud, Maloney,
     Hristodoulou (van Egmond 59), Zoric, Harper, Awaritefe

AC : Petkovic, Yates, Tobin, Ivanovic, Perin, Costanzo, Foster,
     Brazzale (Mullen 56), Mennillo, Mori, Salapasidis

[A goalfest by Marconi put them into the grand final against the Melbourne
 Knights with Adelaide getting their sole goal from Alex Tobin as he converted
 the kick given by Eugene Brazzale when Craig Foster was fouled by
 Dominic Longo.]

(played 26/5/1996)
Melbourne Knights	2	-	Marconi-Fairfield	1
(Andrew Marth 58)			(Andrew Harper 78)
(Adrian Cervinski 74)

[The Knights retain their championship with a solid win.]

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