Australian Soccer

1994-95 Season Round 26 Matches

Round 26 of the Australian NSL championship (games played 09/04/1995)

South Melbourne		1	-	Melbourne Knights	1
(South Melbourne win 5-4 on penalties)
(Giancarlo Lucchetta 62)		(Mark Silic 72)

SM : Anastasiadis, Valkanis, Kuzmanovic, Muscat, Mangos (Damianos 78),
     Polak, Petersen (Nikolic 88), Lucchetta, Panopoulos, Kelic, Trimboli

MK : Juric, Horvat, De Amicis (Grganovic 30), D Cervinski, Buljubasic, Silic,
     Tiatto, Marusic, Marth, Spiteri, Pondeljak (Voijtek 89)

[This game was on which Souths needed to win to keep their hopes of a
 playoff place alive and the home supporters were in raptures when their
 side went ahead and when news of Marconi's 3-0 advantage over Brisbane
 was announced they were ....well...pretty bloody happy. Then they received
 something of a scare when they themselves conceded a goal and even more
 so when news of a rampant Brisbane pegging Marconi back was announced. In the
 end Souths won the shootout when after the first 4 shots Anastasiadis first
 saved the Knights 5th shot and converted the next spotkick for Souths.]

Adelaide City		2	-	West Adelaide		1
(Bradley Hassell 45)			(Ross Aloisi 51)
(Goran Lozanovaki 60)

AC : Petkovic, Ivanovic, Tobin, Vidmar, Melta, Foster (Gibson 87), Talladira,
     Mullen, Lozanovski, Mori, Hassell

WA : Blazincic, Hooker, Haniotis, Slager, Lazaridis, Brazzale, Aloisi,
     Alagich, Slifkas (Tsekinis 46), Cardozo, Ndongo-Keller

[With Adelaide City chasing a top 2 position it was an important win and
 Morwell did them the neccessary favour to allow them this luxury. That
 said it was a hardfought game in which Adelaide City failed to show their
 usual finals form. Perhaps they're just holding out. Ross Aloisi (whose
 bloody brother has decided he'd rather play for his club than for his
 country) was the standout performer for  the Sharks and almost turned the
 game to their favour were it not for a superb game by Ivanovic. West
 Adelaide now have the unenviable task of taking on Sydney United.]

Marconi-Fairfield	3	-	Brisbane Strikers	3
(Marconi wins 3-1 on penalties)
(Luke Casserly a<45)			(Rod Brown 65