Australian Soccer

1994-95 Season Round 25 Matches

Round 25 of the Australian NSL championship (games played 31/3-2/4/1995)

Wollongong City		2	-	Adelaide City		3
(Vaughan Coveny 66)			(Bradley Hassell 26)
(Claude Cellini 77)			(Goran Lozanovski 55)
					(Damien Mori 75)

WC : Hughes, Gjakovski, Murray, Dihm, McLaren (Akers 62), Cellini, Ricoy,
     Horsley, Bonetig (Metcalfe 80), A Cervinski, Coveny

AC : Petkovic, Tobin, Yates, Melta, Foster, Goutzioulis, Talladira, Mullen,
     Lozanovski (Gibson 85), Hassell, Mori

[This late in the season both sides were lacking depth with Wollongong needing
 to recall Billy Gjakovski from the AIS to play sweeper. In the end the
 experience of Adelaide City won out keeping them in with a shot at a top
 two placing.]

Brisbane Strikers	3	-	Sydney Olympic		2
(Chris Slater 68 pk, 76)		(Norman Tome 43)
(Sean Cranney 90)			(Brad Maloney 91)

BS : Ross, Williams, Hunter (Hutchison 90), Stowell (Evans 45), Phillips,
     Hews, Ditton, S Cranney, Brown, Slater, Wright

SO : Gibson, Tsekenis, Juric, Sorras, Meredith, Maloney, Milosevic, Johnson,
     Augerinos (Mendes 73), Tome, Poimer

[This win keeps Brisbane in with a chance to make the top six but may prove
 costly as both Hunter and Stowell limped off with injuries. With goalkeeper
 Bolton away at camp in Holland preparing for the U20 World Cup Graham Ross
 deputised in goal and despite the late goal played well enough to help
 the Strikers to an importnat win.]

Sydney United		3	-	Heidelberg United	1
(David Zdrilic 3)			(Peter Tsolakis 80)
(Eric Hristodoulou 49)
(Ante Milicic 75)

SU : Kalac, Popovic, Kupresak, M Babic, Naumovski (Usalj 75), Zdrilic, Moric,
     Stanton, Hristodoulou, Lamond (Jermen 86), Milicic

HU : Frangos, Scott, Koutos, Georgiadis, Tsolakis, Ardone, MacNicol, Wade,
     Karapatsos, Despotovski, Kiratzoglou

[Sydney United are trying to maintain a top two position and Heidelberg have
 been certain last place team since last week, motivation city for the Bergers.
 Anyway the Crows got off to an early start and kept going notching up their
 6th win in a row, and, more importantly keeps them in second place.]

Melbourne Knights	5	-	Marconi-Fairfield	1
(Danny Tiatto 10)			(Mike Smith 5)
(Joe Spiteri 37, 80)
(Mark Silic 47)
(Andrew Marth 89)

MK : Schwellinger, Horvat, De Amicis, Marth, D Cervinski, Silic, Marucic,
     Lapsansky, Tiatto, Spiteri, Pondeljak 

MF : Catlin, Smith, Holst, Dee, Colombo, van Egmond, Harris, McCulloch,
     Robertson (Casserly 68), Corica, Iocca (Angelucci 60)

[An injury to Frank Juric gave Mark Schwellinger the oppertunity to make
 his league debut and he promptly let in a 5th minute goal when Smith
 volleyed home a cross. The defence held tight in front of him and better
 yet for the Knights the attack gave them 5 goals with the last from
 Andrew 'Stabber' Marth who returns from injury and resumed his captaincy
 in fine style.]

South Melbourne		1	-	Melbourne SC		0
(Steve Panopoulos 14)

SM : Anastasiadis, Kuzmanovic, Muscat, Valkanis, Lucchetta, Damianos,
     Petersen, Polak (Haikalis 80), Panopoulos (Mangos 70), Kelic, Trimboli

MZ : Kourtis, Kuleski, Jolevski, Banini, Travkovski, Mazzini, Karkaletsis,
     Trajcevski, Emmanuelle, Ngata, Tricarico

[South Melbourne kept their finals hopes alive for another week and in the
 process ended those of the Zebras. Only a showdown with the Knights next
 weekend stands in their way. Certainly a large obstacle.]

Parramatta Eagles	1	-	Morwell Falcons 	2
(Michael Reda 82)			(Doug Marcina 26)
					(Warren Spink 90)

PE : Franken, Koch, Orlic (Watkins 77), O'Donnell, Sprod, Moffitt, Gwynne,
     Ciantar (Harding 39), Reda, Gunning, Brayshaw

MF : Matassa, Miller, Canosa, Parton, Sevin, Marcina, Douglas (Upton 83),
     Waddell, Stergiopoulos (Villani 83), Markovski, Spink

[Morwell pulled off an amazing last minute winner courteousy of Warren Spink
 and thus did their playoff hopes no end of good. Infact a draw would almost
 certainly see them into the playoffs for the first time. For the Eagles, they
 have played their last match for this season as they have the bye next round.]